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Starting tomorow!!

I am starting Slim Fast tomorow!
Wish me Luck!

I am starting weight 202lb Which is a bmi of 29.8

To loose weight to get to my target. That is about 2.2lbs a week.
Which is a tough target to hit. But I guess I will loose a lot at the begining and less as time goes by.

Anyway I have my menu planned for tomorow

Vanilla Shake

Work - apple

chocolate shake
sugar free jelly (10cals)

work - pear

chicken salad, with boiled egg. (around 550cals)
Sugar free jelly (10 cals)

I have the powder shake. I prefer that.
when I was 18 (omg 5years ago) I weighed around 133 and I remeber doing slimfast and dropping 4lbs in one week. But I never had the willpower back then, too many parties and drunken nights lol.
But I am totally ready now and have a good will power.

I will fit excersise in each day. In the past 2months, I have not changed my diet, but I have done 1 hour or walking each day, and 1 class a week, and have gone from 211 to 202. So with slimfast as well I will be on my way to success!

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Good Luck Jazzyy,

You sound completely in control. You are right that you loose more quickly to begin with and a lot of us here know the horrors of "the Plateau" but I think it is a great diet and is suiting me just fine.

I am a bar person rather than a shake person as I do like something to chew on. Also as time moves on you learn how to chop and change and substitute while keeping within the calorie limit.
There are lots of us who can give advice ( !) so just ask if you need to know anything. Your first question will probably be " Is this much wind normal? "


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Hi Jazzyy &:welcome2:

Stick with us here and we will support you, its great having people to advise you should you ever need anything. This is a great website, if it wasn't for this site i'm sure i would have fallen off the wagon ages ago.

Good Luck with your diet.


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Good luck Jazzyy, let us know how you are getting on!

Sound like you have got a good plan, i'm sure you will be impressed with the results. there is an April challenge which you can join if you havent yet. i'm sure as a new starter you'll see a big loss!
Good luck Jazzyy!!!!!! Your menu looks good and its always good to plan ahead :)
Good luck Jazzyy!!! I started on the 6th so hopefully we'll have some good news for each other next week.


One 100% day at a time!
Good Luck Jazzyy! We're all here if you need support! The first week is the hardest - but after that, it's a great diet....Take care!
So Far so good!!
I'm quiet happy with how well the first day has gone.
I have not cheated so that is good.
Not going to weigh myself until after a week
but so far so good

Where on this board to people post food journals?


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congrats on first day!
there is a diary section on the main homepage, or u can start a blog, or even post ur diary on here, i know few ppl do/did do.


in my dreams!!!!!!
hi everyone and welcome to you sf virgins! this is such a helpful site, even if you don't post much yourself you can read others and get so much advice its a lifesaver. jazzyy, you sound so positive at the mo you will def get good result for your first week, keep it up x
Well I feel very positive. 3rd day and still no cheats :)
wednesday :eek:

Although I did have a weigh this morning, I said I wouldn't but I was curious and I was 200.1 which is pretty much 2lbs in 2 days.

Now no more weighs until my real weigh in lol.

but 200 is great, so hopefully by wed I will be under 200.
I think psychologically plays a great part of weigh loss, and going from the 200's into 100's will make me smile so much :)

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