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Starting tomorrow - 1st September

Hi everyone,
Officially I'm re-starting on 2/9, my class is at 7.30 but the 1st September seems like a good day to start. Sooooo, as i have some packs left from last time (just about in date!), I'm gonna get a head start on getting into ketosis and start tomorrow a.m.
I've been away camping this weekend (not sure I've got rid of all the mud yet ;)) - needless to say, its not been a particularly low-carb few days !
I hope I'm not kidding myself that I can do it this time - all i know is that I hate how I look and feel at the mo so I really MUST do this.
I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow ... ( of course the devil on my shoulder is telling me that I should just carry on stuffing my face until Weds at 7.30 & then I'll look like I've lost more weight on week 1 - but I'm not listening !!!!!)

Hope everyone has had a good weekend ...

lots of love
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Thanks Jez - think I'm gonna need you and the rest of the LL forum regulars to keep me on the straight and narrow!

Hi yoyo
Hope everything went ok, i'm on here most evenings if you need a chat
speak to you soon
Hiya Mel,
My new LLC seems really nice and the other ladies in the group seem like a good bunch too. I think the poeple in the group make a big difference to how you get on.
So far so good this week - almost at the end of day 3 (officially day 1 ;)), and think am in ketosis cos my breathe smells quite rancid (eeuurgghh).
I suppose the weekend will be harder, more time on my hands to think about food - I do feel really motivated though so I'm not gonna waver.
Soz to hear you've not yet been able to start; when you've got your head in the right place you want to get on with it straightaway don't you?
You'll soon be back on it and running for a wee every 5 minutes :D
Talk soon


Releasing the goddess
Stay with it YoYo....looking forward to seeing a DONE next to Goal 2. x
Me too ! Roll on next Weds :)
How are you gettign on ? I think our LL stories are pretty similar judging by your name!
You finding it hard this time ?
Hi Yo Yo,
Fingers crossed you are in ketosis, do you have any of the wee sticks?? I used to get them from the chemist, did become addictive though LOL

Not looking forward to the dog breath, yuk!! But I am looking forward to not feeling hungry and food not being the centre of my world.


Releasing the goddess
Yes Yo Yo...have done this before, but always found reasons to cheat. What I didnt realise is that 100% means 100% or it just isnt gonna work...lol.

I had my 2nd weigh in on Thursday and had lost another 2.8 pounds. All is good at the moment and this is going to be my last time. How are you getting on? x
Hi Folks,
Third Time Lucky - I bet you feel better aleady - what a fab start. :D
Mel & D-I-R, good luck with it when you get to re-start - for me I only ever seem to lose weight when my head is totally in "the zone" - so I'm sure you will do it this time too.

I'm almost a the end of day 5 now & feeling pretty okay. I had a headache at the end of day 2 & felt really cold on day 3 but apart from that no other physical symptoms this time round. Just the mental battle to deal with !
Just had my first bar so it was nice to chew on something again ;)
I don't usually have big losses even in week 1 but I know if I stick to it I will be officially "normal" by Xmas . :happy036:

Hope you all get through the weekend without any probs & I'm looking forward to hearing how great you all do

Hi yoyo,
How's it going?? Ahh the cold I am not looking forward to that, but then maybe I wont sweat so much LOL.

Hope everything is ok and you are fully into ketosis and week 1 weighin is a good one

Mel :talk017:
Hiya Mel,
So far so good! Am looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow night although totm just hit me so feelin a bit blah - but thats not LL's fault :)
I'll let you know how I get on
Hi Yoyo,
LL and TOTM is never a good combination, that's why the chocolate packs are great for me, otherwise I'd crack not having any.

Good luck for tomorrow, hope it's a good one

Good luck on the WI.
(Just browsing the posts for inspiration, just about to start the Lighterlife programme, end of month.)


Releasing the goddess
Welcome Kev! x

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