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Starting tomorrow am! Anyone else?

Scary times! Luckily I don't eat a whole lot at the moment due to being so busy with university, so I'm hoping I won't feel too hungry! Is anyone else starting tomorrow morning? I have no scales in halls luckily, so it's going to be a shock/happy moment when I go and get weighed again next week. It was depressing to find that the scales I have at home home were wrong though and I was a stone heavier than first though. AAGH. :sigh:

*fingers crossed for the happy moment!*
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Perseverance is key
Best of luck hun xx
Thank you! The diet lady (I'm there's a specific term somewhere) said not many people make it past day 3, but I'm determined to. My flatmates have gone mental at me for doing this :)

Big H

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Good luck to you, you've just made the decision to start the best 'Diet' in the world :D

Don't worry about hunger, after 3-4 days you won't have it anymore x


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Good luck, I'm sure you'll do really well!
See I'm dealing with the not eating as I hardly eat anyway, but I had the coffee milkshake this morning and wanted to be sick. It tasted like cardboard! May just stick to soups, the oriental chilli one was nice! I read as well that after a few days your breath starts to smell, what can I do to get rid of that as I can't have mints! I'm seeing the guy I'm seeing on Saturday as he's been out of the country for a month! Don't want to stink, haha! SOS :( x
Good luck :) First few days drink plenty of water to stop you feeling hungry, oh and try the chocolate orange shakes, their awesome!


6 stone to lose!
good luck first few days really difficult i am on my third day and finding it not too bad infact a breeze if i dare say it
Thanks guys for the support :D
My flatmates don't know I'm doing it, they just think I'm eating at uni!
Well, I'm off to the library to do some work armed with only a bottle of water! Yay! :)


Mad as a Hatter
Good morning

Hope you are feeling brighter this morning and that you survived the day yesterday ?

I thought in your first post that your flatmates knew you were doing the diet and were not too happy about it - you could really do with some support mate and the best type is the people who you would 'normally' eat with - that way they will not hassle you for not eating and hopefully will not offer you food to tempt you !

This forum is great for some virtual support so get on here and get posting if you feel tempted

Have a great day



Mad as a Hatter
Ah night - now I see what you meant !

Well like I said - we are all in it for the duration so if you need any help or support then you know where to come !

Have a great day and get drinking that water !!

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