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starting tomorrow - anyone want to buddy up?


Back on the diet train...
hey hun good luck on ur journey, wot diet u doin? :)


hey bex, ta for reply!
I am actually doing a diet called 'new you' (from N Ireland) v similar to any TFR diet with shakes, soups etc but unfortunately no forum on minimins for it as it is only new.
Wow, you have had amazing wt loss so far - I'm sure you are delighted!!! How have you been finding it so far?xx


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome to the site latebloomer.

Everyone's really encouraging and helpful on here and whenever you need advice or a chat there's always someone on hand to help out.

You have just made yourselves loads of new buddies, afterall, we're all in the same boat!
hey everyone {: im hoping to start monday have done it before but
im finding it very hard to get the willpower to start again
anyway went to the chemist and all today and im starting
monday fingers crossed {:


Here we go again!
Hi Hubbabubba. You will be fine on Monday, just keep your goals in mind and stay positive. You can do this!


Back on the diet train...
welcome hubbabubba u came to the right place. its fab 4 support an encouragement. :) i wish u well on ur journey!!! x

thank u latebloomer im really pleased wiv my losses an fingers crossed it continues. ;). im findin this diet really good this time (this is my 3rd attempt :eek:) a few bad days but ive not ad any bad side effects an av more energy, last time i felt cold, had no get up an go an was quite resentful of the diet an lack of food but this time i feel fab. :D

just keep drinkin ur water, set urself sum mini goals 2 aim 4 an av sum distractions ready! the 1st wk mite b tough but it does get easier.

good luck an dnt 4get if u need advice, a chat or a moan pop on here!! :D.
Hi Latebloomer

i have also just started today and just had my first strawberry shake. I'm on lipotrim and tried it a few years ago but i am hopefully more determined this time. Good luck today.



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Hi all,

I'm another re-starter, at least I will be tomorrow morning:).

I did LT nearly 4 years ago before having my little girl and found it brilliant, tried it twice more after she was born but my head just wasnt in the right place for it.

Well it IS in the right place now - I cant believe I'm actually saying this but I'm looking forward to starting again (ha, we'll see how long that lasts)

For those who are new to this - dont kid yourself, it is NOT the easy way out that some people will tell you (...and they'll be people who dont have a large amount of weight to lose), but do it right and it will work for you.

Roll on Monday!!

hey allll i started LT 3 weeks ago but this last week iv been re-feeding but going back to tfr100% tomorrow so it will be like starting alllll over agen :-s fingers crossed lol
hey guys, thanks so so much for all the support!!!!! Decided to start tomorrow instead - thought it would be a gd time to start as its the beginning of a new wk.
Like others on here, I have tried a few times now and my head just hasnt been in the right place. i have an emotional attachment to food and this year has been a difficult one and I have piled on 4 stone :(
I feel very uncomfortable in my own skin and avoid social situations as much as possible which affects my marriage very badly (we are both only 29).
I have promised my hubby that I will do this for both of us now - he is against TFR but understands why I want to do it and has promised to support me.
I am going to book a long awaited weekend away with him the end of sept and I plan to do this for 14 weeks (that would take me up to 13th sept) with one day off for family wedding on 8th july.
I look forward to losing weight with you all and hope that, together we can do this! :)

Chrissie, Deem, Josie and Hubabubba - we CAN and WILL do this!!!!!!
Bex and MiniB thanks for your support and look forward to chatting to you over the coming weeks xxxx
Hey Latebloomer....i'm restarting tomorrow too! I did LT 100% for 10 days but sadly have had 2 weeks off!!!!! getting back on track tomorrow and cant wait to be in control again!!!!! We can do this!!!
hey littleflower - never mind the 2 weeks off............at least you're getting back on track - let me know how youre getting on, we both have similar enough start weights. I feel all motivated so we can keep each other on track ;)
Chat tomorrow xx
great...we can do this x
hi all, how is everyone getting on so far today?? Just drinking my first pint of water, feeling positive so far :)


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Hi all,

Day 1 underway....one shake and 1 pint of water down the hatch.

So far so good. How are you all doing?

Hi D!!! Good for you, I'm glad it's all going well so far.
I just had 1st shake before 1 and have 2 litres of water in - I cannot stop peeing needless to say, lol! Feeling gd so far ;)
Hi Latebloomer
how you getting on today?I am on day three and finding it tough enough. i am determined not to break it but its so hard shopping for a family and not throwing in a multi pack of crisps!!The main bit i struggle with is not eating with my daughter and husband at tea time
Hi deem

well done. I am determined to stick at this and really want to be able to wear last summers clothes but its quite tough. just going to make my vanilla shake- someone mentioned to me that you can add coffee to it and i am wondering if you can heat it and have a sort of latte???



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Josie, the vanilla shake is lovely with coffee - either hot or cold and the chocolate one is lovely with mint tea - kinda like a mint choc!!

Latebloomer - how are ya doing? I'm really hungry today, cant wait for ketosis to kick in.

Right there with you Josie on the running to the loo the whole time thing!! I'm trying to get most of my water into me in work as I'm not so good for taking it at home.

I went window shopping on Saturday and found it great for getting myself psyched up, by the time Monday arrived I was SO ready for this. :)

Take care all,