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Starting tomorrow........


Finally a size 12!
Im joining SW tomorrow. Ive done WW in the past but never tried SW. Is it easy to pick up??? Is it a reasonable diet to do I mean I wont have to buy expensive foods all the time, cause on WW they do there own ready meals not quite sure what to eat haha. Ive been on holiday so need to go food shopping and unsure what to buy yet hahaha so many questions hahah x
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Some say it can be expensive, but like most "diets" it depends on what you buy.
Lots of fresh fruit, vegetable, lean meat, fish, pasta, potatoes, rice, pulses.... the list is endless! Some people buy a lot of berries, muller lights, alpen lights and this can add a big amount to your shopping bill. You don't have to have these though.
You'll need fry light for certain and a good set of kitchen scales for weighing out cheese and cereal (if you have it)

It's probably not the easiest plan to pick up but if you listen to the consultant and then go home and read your book (over and over again!) then you'll be fine. The relatively new Extra Easy plan has simplified things a lot though.
You just need to trust the plans though,a lot of WW people find it difficult to get their heads round the "free" foods :)
Good luck. x

Good luck. x
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Hiya :)
I started again last week, but I have done it before. I think it's easy when you get your head around what you can have on different days. When I started, I wrote it all down for myself to get my head around it and pinned it up in my kitchen. Everyone’s so helpful on here as well, I just ask if I get confused :) hope it all goes well for you! xx
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Hey I'm joining a class tommorrow.
It can be a bit hard to pick it up at first but once you do it becomes 2nd nature, and the most important thing is, it does work!

Good luck!


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It's pretty straight-forward and wil encourage you to getting back to eating real, fresh food, cooking it properly and eating fewer ready meals and take-aways.

A very healthy plan, really :)


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It does seem confusing to start with, the RED and GREEN and the things you can or cant have on certain days. The Extra Easy plan has removed that confusion. But once you learn whats what on each plan its easy. I just know what weights of things are allowed on certain HE choices and what is or isnt allowed on certain days. So read read read your books and ask away here if your confused.
Think the other thing to get your head around is HOW MUCH food your allowed to eat and STILL lose weight :) I am never hungry. I had a look at the WW stuff, and i worked out i could have 24 points, o pointed up my lunch i had the other day that was FREE on SW but 8.5 points on WW!!!!! think i'd hate WW. SW all the way for me :) its so easy and not a diet, but a healthy eating plan, suitable for all the family.
It can be expensive, but so can everything. If you plan and shop accordingly you dont have to spen a fortune. I worked out my shop for me and hubby breakfast and lunchs and 3 of us for dinners each day and i only spend £50 - £60 a week including cat food/laundry stuff etc..... each meal worked out to £1.50 each roughly.
Batch cooking and freezing, or having left overs for lunch the next day is a good money saver too.

Good luck x

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