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starting tomorrow!!!

I was going to wait till the new year but just decided to start tomorrow. I've had enough of being fat. I have 6 days of Cambridge packs to use up and ultimately I do want to return to Cambridge but until after the new year I will be doing exante because it's cheaper. I will not have much support from my partner as we're not getting on. In fact he has told me it's stupid me going on the diet again as I lost loads before and gained it all back. That's true but what he's forgetting is that I got pregnant and couldn't do the maintenance so went back to my normal eating habits. So anyway I will need lots of support here please. I will post my starting stats tomorrow.
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Well day 2 now.Day 1 went well but I am so huuungry!!And going to the toilet every 5 minutes.Happy days LOL.
Starting weight was far too high :( 22 stone 7 :(:(:(
Keep going polishrose!
Last week I started on the Cambridge diet, but after two days I craved food.
I have now devised my own plan......
Cambridge shake for breakfast or if I'm out and have no access to healthy low cal food.
Then lunch was salad...lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onions, peppers and either a packet of M&S wafer thin turkey ham or chicken...or maybe some prawns. I used the turkey slices to wrap the salad veg up and ate them like wraps....yummy!!

Dinner was the same or a shake or soup...again depending on what I am doing.

Lots of water, and tea with skimmed milk....diet cokes, and no alcohol.

In one week I have lost 7lbs....and more to the point I have not felt either bloated or hungry.

Week two started today :)
Glad to hear it's working for you. I couldn't do it though. I struggled on the add a meal week to not eat too much. I find itmuch easier sticking to the packs.
Hi there! im new on here and this is my first post.
i have just ordered a trial pack for Exante as its sooo cheap...i have done the lighterlife (twice) and cambridge progs in the past.
i lost over 6.5st on LL then put it all back on.......
need to get my life in order and make it work this time...what are the Exante products like? how are you finding it?
Hiya, im on day 2 of Cambridge sole source too. I was fine yesterday until i got home then i struggled a bit. So far today been ok, just had a soup for lunch and i know what you mean about the loo visits after all the water! Thats my exercise at the minuite, up and down the stairs to the loo every ten mins! Im sorry your partner hasnt been so supportive, did you suffer last time you did it? I was just thinking he may not want to see you go thru that again?? But whatever the reason the fact that you've got the strength to do it anyway is fantastic, you go girl!!! :happy096:. I would love a diet buddy, if your interested?
Hi diet buddies sounds great to me :) I did ok last time. Didn't really suffer. Just not getting on with partner at the moment.
Well hello diet buddy!!! :wavey: Im Charlie, im 29, married with two brilliant daughters (11&7). How are you finding it so far? After saying i was ok earlier, im really struggling at the min, i feel quite hungry and i really want a proper cup of tea!!! (its amazing what you miss!) I didnt know about this forum last time and i think it would have made a big difference if i had. Sometimes you just need to chat to someone who understands how you feel. My best mate and my hubby are both slim jims and never had to diet, so even though they want to be there for me, they cant ever know how it really feels. When is your weigh in? Mines Monday night, i want to get through that and know ive lost some, then i'll feel motivated again lol!
Hello diet buddy-I'm Kasia,39(eeeeek),with 5 daughters and 1 son :) Ages range from 15 down to 5 months.I'm finding this OK so far-I did last time too.It didn't get hard for me till about 6 weeks in.I was struggling a bit 17 weeks in and then found out I was pregnant...gained back all the weight I lost :(
Hi Kasia, (you have a lovely name). Wow i admire your determination in not finding it difficult until 6 weeks, i had a total meltdown last night at my poor hubby! Im on Cambridge until we go to Canada 5 months today and last night i was worn out, hungry as hell, had a killer headache and generally just felt like rubbish :banghead:. The though of only these sachets and fizzy water for the next 5 months filled me with dread. Then i thought thats 20 weeks and i could be at least 4stones lighter, and it made me feel better! I havent seen the family in Canada for 4 years and ive always been big and i so much want to go and firstly have them be all amazed at my transforamtion!, but also i really just want to relax and not worry about how i look 24/7! :flirt2:
How are you today, has your partner realised you mean business now?! lol xxx
He's kind of resigned to it now I think. Still making snide comments but I don't care. I am determined to do it this time. I need some new clothes and I totally and utterly refuse to buy them the size I am.Last time I went from a 22/24 top to a size 14 and size 28 bottom to size 18 and I still had 5 stone to go so I want to get into a size 10 top and size 12 trousers.I also went from a 44F(I think) bra to a 34F so I was thrilled.I keep looking at my previous progress pics and wishing I hadn't been so stupid to gain it all back in pregnancy.
I'm amazed I haven't had a bad day yet actually-I'm also very grateful LOL. Just keep taking it one day at a time-even an hour at a time if need be.Once you've been on it a few weeks you will find it easier-especially once your clothes start getting loose :) I have loads of weight to lose so it will take me at least 9 months and possibly a year but if I had to do it on Weightwatchers it would take me 3 years so I'm just going to grit my teeth and get on with it.My weigh in is Monday morning.I picked that day so I wouldn't have any temptation to cheat at weekends.
What do your kids think about the diet?Mine love my shakes and soups and are always begging me for a taste LOL.They're most put out when I tell them no :)
I went from a 22/24 to a 16 last time and felt so much better. Not long after i'd finished my sister-in-law got married and it took me ages to find a dress because i wasnt used to having the choice!!! it was always evans before and i really dont want that again. I need some new work trousers, but i refuse to buy any at the size im in now. Hopefully i'll drop a size within a few weeks and thats always a good motivator :D. Lol at your kids wanting a taste of your shakes!! Mine havent really mentioned it, my eldest just asked me last night if i wasnt allowed milk because i was having a black tea, but thats been it really! Maybe at the weekend when we tend to eat together they'll notice it more. Have you told your family? ive only told my parents, im not really keeping it a seceret as such, but last time i told everyone and i was always being asked what i'd lost that week and it was a bit pressurised! :innocent0002:
I don't have that many friends to tell tbh.I've told my closest friend.having a bit of a down day today.not tempted to eat though thank goodness
Ahhh why are you having a down day? Good on you though that it hasnt caused you to cheat. you should be proud of yourself!

Im having a rubbish day too, felt really good this morning and not felt hungry but full of cold and feel sh*t now!! :sick:

Big hugs xxx
Hi, Do you mind if I join in and be a diet buddy too please?

I'm a married mum of a 3yr old daughter and live in Dublin.

I'm struggling today. I'm not thinking of eating but I just feel STARVING and deprived. I'm on day 15 now. The diet I'm doing is a bit like lipotrim.

My husband just got home from work very late and has now ordered a pizza for himself. AAHHHH!! I'd better go to bed quick so I can't smell it.
Can I join too? I'm Joanne 34 young free and single lol no kids. Seems like we've all kinda started at the same time, I'm on my second week of LL and so far so good, but still want a chinese lol
Hi ladies and welcome! :welcome:. Im on day four now of cambridge sole source and i felt great diet wise yesterday aprt from a stinking cold! I feel more human today and really motivated!! Well done to both of you on your first weeks loss! :wow:I hope i can have the same kind of sucess on monday. I hope the smell of that pizza didnt effect you too much Eire! I know what you mean about the chinese JC1976, I just try to ask myself am i reallllyyyyy hungry or is it just a craving. Although its funny when i was starving the other night i really craved a spicy chicken breast and salad!!!
Hope you are ok Kasia?? Have a good day girls xxx :D
The pizza came to the door and I ran upstairs!

I am starving a lot of the time I have to say. Like full on hunger. But I keep telling myself that I made a pig out of myself for years so I can do with making myself starve a bit if it means a good result at the end.

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