Attack Starting tomorrow

Don't if I'm mad but I'm starting five days of attack tomorrow. Question is what do I do over Xmas. I plan to eat sensibly, but don't expect to stick to dukan for Xmas and Boxing day, so do I just continue onto cruise after that or do a few days of attack again? Looking forward to getting you know you guys! Looking forward even more to shifting these pounds for good in 2012.
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you would be mad to start now with xmas looming next week, if your not going to follow the plan xmas day & boxing day then id say wait untill after as you will undo all what the attack period is intended for


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I agree with Ellie wait until the festivities are over and then start Dukan. Do your research in the mean time and get everything ready to start this fab diet x


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See you in January! You'll obviously have your cupboards ready, menus planned, research done, book read etc etc :)

Feel free to ask any questions as you get ready... :)


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I cannot imagine.... I would start NOW.

To me, the best time is now.

Who knows what tomorrow brings?

But, of course, it is your decision.

Best of luck and happy holidays.


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I agree with the majority, if you don't intend to stick with Dukan at Xmas and Boxing day, better to start in January.


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Me too - especially as the diet works best when it "surprises" the body so it will be less effective if u start now and end up having to restart a week later. At the end of the day, if it is going to be a life change for you - holding off for one week or so won't make any difference to you in the scheme of things! Good luck with whatever u decide


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It's just not going to work if you start, stop and start again - the diet depends on you using up all the stored glycogen in your liver and muscles before you start cruise, and taking a day off to eat carbs will just restock that supply and put you back an square one.

So I vote for starting Dec 27.


No matter what, carry on!
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I think Chrissy2021 already decided.

- Whatever you do, Chrissy, be happy with your decision.

I'm addicted to Dukan food.
I NEED to have it :)

Atropos, wow! Cool avatar!


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I don't think I would start now, before Xmas, but obviously it depends on what kind of a Xmas you are thinking of having. Ditto new year. This is one diet that you really can't dabble in and out of, and you need to get your head in the right place first. There is a lot to relearn about eating, and the planning pays off, I think, particularly in making sure you have the right stuff in the cupboard/fridge to avoid temptations!

It took me 3 or 4 weeks to work out how I was going to adapt my meals etc, and my actual start date is a bit of a guess really because I was 'thinking' myself into the diet for about 10 days or so before hand. I'd done attack, and launched into cruise before I knew it! Probably just as well - I may have found an excuse not to start otherwise.

I wouldn't recommend my method - better to fix a date, not too far away, plan for it, and stick to it. Good luck whatever you decide!
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