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Starting tomorrow :)


Slow but sure....
Good luck Starlight, you'll find the WW points will keep running through your mind, it took me a week or more to finally settle 'proper' into the SW diet, best wishes to you.
I'm not on slimming world but we are all trying to do the same thing- lose weight!! Good luck with your journey xx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Dive in! You only have your weight to lose! (and it's SO much easier and FAR more filling than WW) Good luck! (not that you'll need it!) You know where we are if you need us!
I think the challenge of learning a new diet plan is really good motivation. Getting your head round the new info, planning meals, coming up with meal ideas...

I hope you enjoy it. Get a diary started up there ^^^^^

Good luck
Thanks guys

Dont get me wrong I LOVE WW I really do, unfortunately I do still think its the diet that suite my lifestyle best. I think its so incredibly easy and Ive never ever been hungry but Im too 'comfortable' doing it now and in the past few months Ive not been sticking to it :(

So a shake up is called for, theres no way I could do a VLCD - much as Id love to. I tried SW before years and years ago but found it far too restrictive for me but it hasnt half changed :eek: I was totally shocked at the amount of stuff I came home from Asda with last night - pretty much all free.

Still not sure how it works but I KNOW it does :)

So Day 1 starts now :bliss: Just stand by for a barrage of (stupid) questions ;)
This is my second week now on slimming world hmmmm i am really enjoying it i love fruit so it not been that hard and if i am doing for something sweet i have a pink and white they are worth the 2 and half syns :D wish you luck hon you can do it

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