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Starting Tomorrow...


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Hi Everyone,

I have met my CDC today and start the first week of the diet on 810 and then after that I go to SS. This is the first time I have ever tried any kind of diet like this, so hopefully the results will be good.

Just a bit about me, I have two small Boys (3 & 18mnths) and am a full time Mum. Have never really "had the time" to loose the weight I put on during both pregancies. However at the start of the year I made a concious effort to go to the Gym and Cut out the Crap food, reduce portion size etc. I did really well and lost 2 stone. However, I have been through a really Sh**ty time recently, I had a misscarriage (and then susbequent D&C) and also being sued by (get ready for this) my parents of all things (very long story), I have put back on 1.5 stone of the original loss. So I decided enough
was enough and wanted to have something postive to focus on...

Really looking forward to starting properly after the 810 week. But would obviously appreciate any hints tips that people who've done/are doing the diet have..



(Sorry for all the waffle)
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Hi Elay

I have just been for my 1st appt and I start SS on Sunday...
Also looking for any hints and tips to make the first few days more tolerable..

Sorry to hear about your sh*tty few months - hopefully things are on the up now for you - fingers crossed...



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welcome elay ! - the 810 will be a good start to ease you in esp with 2 small babies, - water is a very important part of this diet so i would say try and drink 3-4 litres a day slipping it thought the day many of us find getting a 1 litre sports top bottle and refilling it is the best way,
when at home i just use a pint glass but as long as it's thoughtout the day and not all at once it's fine

well done on losing weight before so sorry to hear about your sad news :( hope your feeling better now .. looking forward to getting to know you and watching your weight loss journey ! good luck !


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Hi ya,
I'm on ss and this is my 4th week now!
One bit of advice I would give is make sure you drink enough water, alot of people gets headaches if they don't!
For me I found the first 3days fine but the 4th and 5th were not so good, I felt dizzy and light headed but it passed and now feel ok so stick with it as it will pass (If you feel like that too)

Anyway hope you both get on well,
Speak soon and good luck!!
x x


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Good luck with your weight loss journeys :)
Ive been doing SS for a week now, had a bit of a blip yesterday, but back on track today, best advice is to drink plenty of water, i take small sips as im not a water lover, but have found out, that it works great for those times you get a bit hungry.
Best of luck for tomorow :)


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Good luck as you start out........keeping checking out this forum as you will gather lots of extra info as you go along. Everyone has their own experience in the first week but just take care of yourselves and follow the rules....you will love the results. Best wishes


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Welcome aboard. try to make mini goals to get you throught the first couple weeks. it will get easier as you go on. this fourm is a wealth of information and we are all human too so can share your feelings through out. Good luck and check in with us
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Welcome to cd and all the best on your weight loss journey. This forum is superb, everyone is really supportive xx

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