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Starting tonight!

Well I am finally going to start WW properly and am going to my first meeting tonight, am feeling really nervous but very keen to start.

I find myself getting very confused though with all the diets around and having lost 3.5 stone last summer doing Lighterlife (and subsequently piling most of it back on again) keep finding my mind wandering from points to packs and back again (if you see what I mean!). I wish I could just take my mind AWAY from the whole VLCD thing as I just know how bad it is for me personally, and get my head completely and 100% onto WW so I can really make a go of this.

I have about 2 stone to lose again :cry: and I plan to keep it off this time (yeh yeh heard that one before!).

Thanks for listening, this is not a post for any particular reason just to say "hi"!! xx
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Hi Sarah
Welcome and well done on joining your weight watchers meeting for the first time . I know how you feel as I have been going to join a ww meeting too but like you feeling a bit nervous for the first time I am going to join all being well after easter then i will be like you and nervous for the first time and once been then I will be ok from then on
Good Luck for tonight
Awww thanks Bethany and good luck to you too after Easter.. now there's a thought, perhaps I should have waited until AFTER all the chocolate temptation haha!


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Good luck Sarah. WW watchers is really good but I am messing around. I feel really inspired when I leave class on Monday, determined to diet for 7 days rather than 4 and keep a written note of my points rather than keeping it in my head but by Thursday it starts to go wrong ! Even doing this, I have managed to loose most weeks so it can be done (proof is here on this website !). I did put on 0.5lb last night which was a bit of a sickner but it has made me more determined to try and stick to it this week. Hey ho ...


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I think we all feel a bit nervous going for that first weigh-in but it is such a positive move.

My class is tonight as well and although I don't feel nervous until I get there I always feel that queuing to get on the scales is horrible..... until you get on and you've had a good loss and then it's GREAT!!

Will let you know later if the news tonight is good.

Here's hoping...

Good Luck to you for tonight!
YAY I WENT!! I know that sounds really stupid but it's the first step isn't it :D and now I feel really motivated and happy that I'm back on the right track again, and I feel this is the right track for ME. I plan to really listen to my body this time and eat only when my body tells me I need to eat, I have fallen into a terrible thing (as most of us do!) of just stuffing my face and never listening to my body telling me "STOP I'm soooo full up and bloated"!!!!

So feeling very motivated today, thank you all for your lovely comments and posts :) xx
Well done for getting to your first meeting, the first one is always a biggest step. Now it all starts. Welcome and I hope you get on with ww as well as we all seem to be. GOOD LUCK in the coming weeks.
Oh, and whilst I think of it - I would highly recommend you start a diary thread. It's a great way of tracking your progress, it also makes it easier for other people to keep track of how you're doing (which I found made it easier to get to know others on the site). Having people leave comments in your diary is a great help (or so I find anyway) and it's also great to be able to look back and read your thoughts and feelings etc from earlier days.

Just a thought ;)

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