Starvation Mode


Can someone explain to me why the body does not go into starvation mode on a VLCD?
I always thought that on a starvation diet(where the body gets less than 50% of the calories needed) lead to weight loss at first but then the body started storing its own fat supplies as it didnt know when the next meal was coming.

Do VLCD`s work because they have all the correct vitamins etc in them? Would a low calorie/low carb diet not work so effectively?

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Im not sure the startvation mode is avoided altogether on to hear what people have said. There's some similar stuff/questions on Last stone mission thread..may be worth a peek!

Good luck....


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Hi hun = have a look at the ketosis thread - it explains why the body doesn't go into starvation mode. In brief - the vlcd packs have carbs in them to protect your lean muscle tissue and they're nutrionally complete formula foods, so you get all of your RDA vitamins and minerals. You can't do that on less that 1500 cals a day of food.

im confused!:confused: so does that mean that for your body not to go into starvation mode it has to be in ketosis?
Just cant seem to get my head around it all!!



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My pharmacist told me that if I didn't drink my three shakes a day that the body would go out of ketosis and into starvation and store fat - the metabolism would slow down to almost nothing. I would be malnourished etc.425 calories seems to be what the body can live on without this happening. Sorry for being so vague.xBettyboo