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Am starving, have been all day. It's day 3, and I'm hoping it gets easier because Ive been seriously thinking I can't go the distance today. My heart is set on doing this for 5 months, I go on holiday to France at the end of June, by which time I'm hoping to have lost min of 4 stone and do some re-feeding as I won't be doing this on hols, then doing it again when I get back off hols til I get to my goal weight. Felt really positive last 2 days but am struggling a bit today. Think I just need to get it off my chest to people who know what its like on this.
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Oh Lucababy...hang on in there. I know how you feel....had that starving feeling the previous 2 days and then , today, it's gone!
I am on Day 6. Give it another 48 hours and see how you feel then? Have a hot bath...certainly has helped me in times of hunger. It will pass, I promise you. xx


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Hi Luca

It is to be expected.....hang in there; honestly it does become easier! Just keep thinking of your goals. Once you get into ketosis it becomes a little easier and one of the signs is usually a lack of hunger (for most)!!

You have done well to get to Day 2; just keep thinking of your first weigh!

Take care


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Best thing to do is get it off your chest, well done. This diet isn't easy hun and if it was everyone would be doing it. Please keep at it for rest of the week and your 1st weigh in will be worth it. There will be tough times and there will come a time when it becomes second nature but you have to give it a chance to get some results.
For the tough times you have everyone on here, don't keep quiet and keep as busy as poss. hth
I've just started LT yesterday so on day 2 today. Ist day was ok, today I feel a bit hungry but I know I can do it and get a good weight loss. It is hard when the TV is full of food ads, but I watched to video yesterday and agree that I am addicted to eating fatty foods, so I need to cut all the food out.

I will look out for you and lets see how much lighter we willl be this time next week.
hi welcome this is the best place to rant the majority of us have been where u are now honestly it does get easier, however thats not really helping u at this mo. what i do is treat myself to a lovely bath/pamper session and focus on me appreciate it may be difficult if u have young children, but try and focus on the reason as to why your doing this keep stong xx
keep your holiday at the forefront of your mind...be positive, imagine how you will feel when you reach your goals :) x
hey lucababy good idea to come on here..make it a habit its what were all here for. im with you till june for holiday.. it seems like it will be a reallly long road, and i slipped when i looked at it in the grand scheme of things. now im loooking at it in mini goals. why dont you make some of those? like my one is getting to week 8 at least! you know you dont need the food and it will be there when you get off tfr, you know you can do it. believe in yourself.! good luck x


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Hang in there - it does get easier (for most people at least) specially when you get into Ketosis and you are probably close to that now. Its almost like a switch going off in that you dont crave food so much, you are not so bothered by food etc and the time flies by so much more quickly too.

In the meantime keep busy, keep your goals in mind, guzzle down that water and in no time at all you will be at your goal.
It'll definitely get easier. I've done very nearly 5 months so it is possible to reach your goal. Once you're in ketosis (you'll know 'cos your mouth will feel furry and your breath will "change") you'll feel much better. It usually takes 3-4 days before it kicks in. Your first week's loss will also be great so that will keep you going. It seems the biggest danger spot once you're past the first week is week 3-4. The novelty will have worn off (!) and the losses will be more modest but once you're through that it becomes a way of life (albeit temporary) and I promise that you will feel better than you have felt for years!!

Lots of luck, and keep drinking water!



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Hiya Luca!!!

You are soooo close to going into ketosis... id say another 2 days max... and you will LOVE the energy high and the no more hunger!!!

Hang in there xxx

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