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Am only into my 2nd day so was expecting hunger pains....

I am having a shake for breakfast and a soup for lunch, & so far I have drunk 2 litres water

BUT am really wanting to chew...food, sounds weird I guess but am sure some of you know and understand what I mean?

I still feel hungary so a bar as well, ate it in 2 / pieces actually...but still think I feel hungary?

Got a banging headache as well.

Sorry for griping, just looking for ideas I guess!
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Until you are in ketosis you will feel hungry, I have a hot drink, I find that fools my tum a bit! It does get better! :)
Aww thanks....am looking forward to ketosis like its a great mate! heehee
Thanks for the help......it sure is hellish right now lol
Yep - but all but the very lucky don't have issues in the first week. It'll be worth it - good luck.

I am off to zzzzz land shortly so day 3 looms quickly!!
have you tried the spag bol and cottage pie ?
I'm not a fan of the cottage pie but I have the spag bol instead. I add various spices or occasionally a couple of teaspoons of low fat sauces to make it a bit different!
Every time you feel hungry try having a glass of water. I know you said you've already drunk 2 litres but unless you more then double that it cant hurt! Also, I know chewing gum is a no-no on a VLCD but I do occasionally have a piece of sugarfree gum when I feel the need to chew and it doesn't seem to have hurt!
Ok, good tips thanks

Actually am getting thru around 3 litres now a day so not bad for a beginner me thinks!!

To be honest I do think I have a virus that's going round too so am finding am not really as hungary as I was ...

Enjoying the diff soups as well. Porridge was delicious today with a dash of cinnamon....

Concentration and spelling a bit loopy so am putting it down to carb withdrawals. Dare'nt do any banking at the mo lol


Back after 6 years of ups and downs...
Hey :)

One of those times you will just have to grit your teeth and stick it out....and as said wait for that ketosis to kick in.

Tips I used to found helped keep me away from hunger:

  1. Drink water when feeling hungry.
  2. Try to eat something hot and filling but low in calories when you eat, it helps you feel more full, e.g. a 500g swede boiled in water is 105kcal, and filled me right up (mashed), or a punnet of mushrooms 400g chopped and microwaved (52 kcal). Hot drinks also used to help me with this, cuppa tea with sweetener and skimmed milk for me (but obviously depending on how u take it, try to keep milk/sugar out of it).
  3. Try to keep your diet more protein based than carby (sugar carbs), it makes you feel full longer.
  4. Find things to do, excuse to decorate that room you have been wanting to do for months, or tidy the garden, it keeps your mind off food and on something else, usually has exercise benefits too.
  5. Exercise when you feel hungry (this actually sounds daft but works for me), your hunger pains disappear.
I hope some of these have been a help, and best of luck in getting to your goal, stay determined ;)
yeah i like them both, had the red bean chilli tonight and enjoyed that too.


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I am on day 2 and sitting it out lol not nice x

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