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Never give up
Hi all, I'm hungry today - and for the first time in many weeks I'm craving sweet stuff. What's that all about? :confused:

Haven't (and won't) give in, but am blaming my breakfast bars for giving me ideas about sweet stuff. Think I'll knock them on the head, as choc has always been my downfall.

Also think I'm eating big big volumes of food in the last few days - does this matter? Cut up two celery heads last night and now it's all gone (that's a LOT of celery) and that's just for snacks. I just can't seem to fill myself up! :eek:

Suggestions please?
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Had a day like that today, Water - ate lunch two hours after breakfast, then was hungry an hour later so ate some chicken, then had a huge dinner.

I feel more full if I graze on chicken or ham, rather than snacks or veg, and try (although I don't always do it :eek:) to fill up with water.

I usually don't have much of a sweet tooth either but every now and again have to have chocolate - usually after dinner - or the lovely choc peanut butter mousse that someone posted (apologies for forgetting who :)).

In fact, might have to have some now!

Volumes don't matter so much if they are low or carb free. Meat tends to fill me up and keep me full longer than veg. A mim always does the trick, especially with some cream, very satisfying and gooey.


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I think those breakfast /atkins bars are a bad idea, for me personally, as i want to eat about 12 in one go!!! And it makes me crave sweet stuff. I just stay away from anything sweet altogether.
hope you are less hungry today.x


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I've cut out the bars now too. I couldn't stop eating them, lol. If I'm hungry I always go for meat or cheese. Hope it passes soon
I'm the same here, If I'm hungry I'll eat a salami, seems to have the right meat/fat ratio to fill me up.
Also think I'm eating big big volumes of food in the last few days - does this matter? Cut up two celery heads last night and now it's all gone (that's a LOT of celery) and that's just for snacks. I just can't seem to fill myself up! :eek:

Suggestions please?
Hey WW!

That's a ton of celery! Why not snack on some protein instead? It's a lot more filling and doesn't feel so much like "diet food" (spoken by someone who hates celery, and would only eat it when they were on Weight Watchers...)

Make some spicy chicken wings and keep them in the fridge so you can just grab a few when you are peckish. And if you really love your celery, then eat it with some protein - stuff it full of cream cheese or low-carb peanut butter, or make a chicken curry dip so you don't eat so much of it.

Jim's idea of salami sound yummy too!

If you are hungry, by all means, eat!! :) The folks on this board gave me the same advice a few months ago and it was right - you'll have some days when you are ravenous, and others that you don't feel like eating at all. Just work with your appetite.

Hang in there, and leave the celery for all the people on Slimming World... (sorry, I just really hate celery...)


Never give up
Thanks all - I really appreciate the replies. I actually love raw celery Sera, always have - I'm weird that way! And I really miss my usual masses of veg, and it's one of the lowest for carbs, so have been thinking that was a good thing to do. Will go for more protein/fat snacks in future. :)

Also, as of tomorrow those bars are history! I actually get the same guilty pleasure from eating them that I used to get from bars of chocolate - that's gotta be bad. Must break that eating/guilt afterwards thing I have going on with food. :(
Hi WW :)

It sounds like you are doing great! Just keep in mind that in a short time, you generally won't be looking for large quanities of anything - veggies or otherwise. This diet does a number on your appetite, and it's the only way of eating that doesn't leave me looking for more food every ten minutes.

When I wasn't snacking on family sized chocolate bars, my other vice was popcorn. I had to have a HUGE bowl of it, with lots of butter - it was something about the quantity that comforted me. When I came back to Atkins, I converted to chicken wings, but I've noticed that I want smaller and smaller servings of them now. I used to knock off a whole package of wings (say 18-24 pieces or 10 - 12 wings?) and now I'm happy with a lot less, usually half of that but sometimes less.

Hang in there! :)
have to agree with the not hyngry thing, at work there is constantly a supply of chocolates, biscuits, cakes, toast etc, but i must say the desire for these things has completely gone. if i get a snack attack i go eat a bit of cheese or meat or a spoonfull of peanut butter, and feel very easily satisfied, but tbh i mostly just wait for the next meal, i am a changed woman!

also, the fact that i now have all my meals prepared at home, and i know what i am having takes away the wondering and wanting feeling i used to have, waiting to see what the canteen had on offer that day.

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