Stayed Abstinant but only lost 3lbs

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by moshermum, 2 January 2008 Social URL.

  1. moshermum

    moshermum Full Member

    Oh I'm so fed up! I need some wise words. I stayed abstinant all over Christmas & the New year and over those 2 weeks I only lost 3 lbs - Ahhhh I feel really fed up!

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  3. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    You didn't mention how long you have been doing the diet, or how close to goal you are? If you are near the end, its normal to slow down?? Is it TTOM or anything like that?

    At least you did lose - but I can understand the dissappointment after being so good during a tough time to be good! Well done for that anyway!!
  4. moshermum

    moshermum Full Member

    Oh yes sorry, I'm on week 12 of foundation, but still have loads to go. I'm about half way, so I'll likely be on developers for another 3 months at least.

    I've been reading some of the threads about people finding it difficult to get back on track after christmas so I guess there is always a bright side, its just difficult when it took so much will power to not eat!
  5. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    I can imagine - thats what I felt for you - all that strength you would want to see a big reward!!! :) but pat yourself on the back anyway because that in itself was a huge success. HUGE!!

    I bet you will see a big loss next week. I used to find at times, for no explainable reason, I would have a good loss every other maybe you are in for a treat at your next WI. You would certainly deserve it!!!

    Hang in there.....I think just the fact that you learned enough to abstain over the holidays is a massive success in its own right and you should feel quite proud of that!!! :)

    Let us know how you get on enxt week...will keep my fingers crossed for you for a big loss!! :)

    And over all, you are doing fantastic!! Very close to our halfway to goal mark!! That must feel good!!!
  6. Zomble

    Zomble Full Member

    Yes, agree with all of the above. I've even gained one week, and I've never cheated and don't have periods, so no hormones to blame. You just have to take the long view, as you know, and we really do lose about a stone a month.

    Bodies are weird, aren't they? But just keep on keeping on, as they say, and you'll get your reward in the end!
  7. Deb G

    Deb G Silver Member

    If you look at my info, I lost only 0.8 lbs one week (did nothing different) but had a good one the following week. These are the times you have to stay strong - there is no way you CAN'T lose weight if you are staying abstinent - so just look forward to BIG rewards at next weigh in!
  8. Size10wannabe

    Size10wannabe Full Member

    oo how annoying.. I can completely imagine how you feel. but 100% to you for staying abstinent over such a difficult foody time. I agree with the guys above.. you will have a good week next week. hang in there and drink TONS of water this week..

    best of luck
  9. silhouettes

    silhouettes Silver Member

    this sort of thing regularly happens to me, i have a couple of weeks with very small losses then a couple of weeks loosing 4 -7 lbs this repeated the entire time of LL so far

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