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Stayed SS 100% at awards dinner

Hi - tonight was the third time I've been out since starting SS 2 weeks ago and each time I've managed to stay 100%!

Went to an awards dinner at work and when dinner was served me and my Lighter Life colleague disappeared to go and eat our bar/drink shake. We then rejoined everyone for coffee and the awards ceremony.

Feeling really pleased with myself for this. Might try a family trip out to the cinema soon and see if I can avoid the popcorn!
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Cripes Julie! What a star!:party0011: Bet that made you feel good :clap:
Yes it did. I've actually been out more since starting CD than previously. I'm trying to gradually build CD into all aspects of my work, home and social life, so that it becomes the 'norm'. There is temptation to shut yourself away and avoid social events, but if I did then I know the first time I went out after a long period of time, I would probably fall off the wagon.
Not sure if this makes sense to anyone else.


Gone fishing
Not sure if this makes sense to anyone else.
Absolutely. You are doing more than just SSing through a social event, you are making new connections and breaking old ones. The old ones being that you needed to eat 'this and that' when you went out.

This is going to really help with maintenance :clap:


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Well done on being so strong Julie, that's fab! Hope you managed to avoid the popcorn too!



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Well done Julie - your an inspiration, I am suppose to be out with work on Monday and I was thinking I might not go - however if you can do it so can I :) :) :)

Thanks hu


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That's brilliant - I really don't think that I would have gone. (Nice to have a VLCD mate with you though, I bet that helped loads!) And there was me, falling off the wagon at a silly birthday party! :sigh: (Even though I still lost that week - but it's not the point.) KD is right - you deserve an award yourself!


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Well done Julie,

You do have to make CD work for you and incorporate it into your normal life.
I think it's a huge achievement every time I cook for the kids and don't eat! I have avoided some social situations, those where I knew people are a little jealous to see me doing something about it and therefore keep on pushing you t eat. Mmmm, maybe I should review some of my friendships!!

Keep up the good work hun x.
Well done Julie I know how hard it is. I did go to the cinema and cut 2 bars in half and chopped them up so I felt I was eating chocolate fudge whilst hubby munched on popcorn. Good luck

Thanks for the replies. Don't think next week is going to be as easy though. My sister is flying in from Oz for a family funeral and wants us all to go out for a meal. I don't want to be a kill joy as I've not seen her for almost 2 years. I know I have the willpower not to eat anything but this time I really want to be included, so I'm thinking of suggesting a carvery (minus the roasties and yorkshire pudding for me). I'll talk it over with my CDC tomorrow.


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Presumably if you stuck to protein (e.g. plain meat), you wouldn't come out of ketosis? (Trying to think back to when I did Atkins in a previous life!)
I'm gobsmacked at your self control! I've been to a family funeral and had a sparkling water while everyone else ate cakes and sandwiches (don't you notice more now just how much everyone eats???) but an awards dinner???!!!! You're fabulous! Sharrond thats a brill idea for going to the cinema.....I make a toffee and walnut shake up really thickly, make into into small balls and freeze them, then make a chocolate shake up really thick and cover the toffee balls and refreeze...cos theyre frozen they last for ages while you suck them to death!! x


this time I will succeed
That's fab Julie, brilliant willpower.
I have lunch and a evening meal out on Friday. Both set meals - what do I do? Is it best to stick to as much lean meat and veg as possible and then avoid carbs? No worries over the alcohol as I will be driving.
Onamission, I think that sounds a good idea x

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