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Staying in a hotel again, any suggestions?


Slimming down the aisle
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I'm staying in a hotel again tonight, and last time didn't go too well!I tried making a shake using a bottle and shaking it lots but it really didn't work, just came out really lumpy. So that's not going to work. Any suggestions?

Breakfast is included but not really sure that there's anything that would really be any good for me to have without messing up this diet. So basically I'm out from in a couple of hours til tomorrow lunch time. I have no bars or tetras and my CDC isn't around today. So that's not going to work. I'm going to have a soup before I leave, but that still means fitting in 2 CD meals this evening and I'm just not sure how to do it. Could I just not have them and wait until I'm home tomorrow before I have anything else? Should I try a green salad for dinner with no dressing? I don't know!

I hate these unexpected things. I had to go to London and stay in a hotel last week which meant I had to get extra tetras from my CDC, twice in a week is crazy! I think when I see her tomorrow evening I'm going to stock up and buy extras just in case. I know you're only meant to have one tetra/bar a day but it's better than not having enough nutrients or eating something else surely.

It would be so much easier if we could make up the shakes in advance wouldn't it!
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You can have 3 tetras if you need to a day.
You are only allowed 1 bar though...
Good luck... i wouldn't not have anything it will make you ill.


Slimming down the aisle
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Oh, my CDC said it was only one bar OR tetra a day, I shall definitely stock up on tetras then! I added hot water and coffee to a lumpy vanilla shake it was JUST about bareable, so might be able to try that again. Oh why does life make dieting complicated! lol It's much easier planned I think. I just need to stop last minute things!


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I travel to London and stay in hotels frequently. I had three nights on my first week - that was tough. If you are in London I use the Park Plaza County Hall - all the rooms have a little kitchenette (microwave) etc. I find it fab for making porriage and there is a kettle, little fridge and sink etc. My finance has bought me a rechargeable hand blender which I use everywhere. It comes with a measuring beaker which is perfect. I use it at work, its a bit noisey but I have smooth shakes/soups so I couldn't care less.

Worth looking at - PS. My work always pay for breakfast, I never even venture into the breakfast room as I would eat all the stuff I shouldn't.

Good luck xx


Slimming down the aisle
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I shall have to remember the Park Plaza County Hall if I need to stay in a hotel in London again. Normally I don't though as I used to live there and kind of still have the house there where I used to live, though someone else is in my room at the moment I think! I've just found out I'm not picking up my friend until 2, so I might go on a bit of a hunt now before I go and get my friend for a hand blender, at least then I could make shakes. No idea where to get one though! I'll check the Argos website I guess. Or sainsburys?


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I can't find anything on the argos website!
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Tesco do v cheap hand blenders (not rechargable or cordless, just the basic type) - I've even seen them in the tiny Tesco shops at garages and city centres.
Hope you have a good trip.


Slimming down the aisle
S: 19st1.5lb C: 18st6.8lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8.7lb(3.25%)
Ok I'll give them a try, thanks guys!


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Hiya chick, i sympathise with you cos i was forever staying in hotels as i work as long haul cabin crew.

You sure can have 3 tetras a day, thats what i've always done and it never affected my weight loss.

Als defo invest in hand haled blender.x


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When doing LL i took my stick blender with me when i stayed in hotels and shaker maker beaker. Worked for me.
I take my hand blender with me too..
I am going away at the weekend and will be taking some tetras but will also take the sachets...
The blender takes about 30 seconds to whiz... I don't care what the next room thinks...
I don't care whats served at breakfast as I don't eat it, the fact it's all inc for me is incidental.. I have already paid for my CD meals too.
Make the diet work for you....
As others have said... hotels stays don't need to be problematic if you get organized :)

Good luck!!


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You can make the shakes up in advance, they are ok to drink, the reason they recomend 15mins is because of the thickening agent in them starts to break down, they are ok to drink though.
I stay in hotels 2-3 nights a week and carry a blender with me which is batttery operated. It is called vitamix blender i think and it cost less than £20 on amazon. I take it everywhere with me and it really makes things a lot easier.

I am on ss+ so when I stay I have fish or chicken with salad in the evening and the hotels have been great about simplifying dishes for me.

Good luck


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i have 3 tetras a day when i don't have any bard or 2 tetras and a bar yummy on the go food lol ,

you must not miss your shakes..that's a big no no - if your really stuck my friend used her jamie oliver shaker to make half a sachet then the other half bit later,

tesco's and chemist do a milkshake shaker thing - a chemist that does lipotrim will have them about £5

good luck def get some tetras in for days like this !
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I bought a blender called the amazing bullet! My friend had one she saw it on the shopping channel but you can get them on ebay. You can drink it straight from the flask which screws on. Pretty small so easy to carry round and it makes great shakes. It contains the mess really well too.

It does work on the mains though not option for batteries.

I took mine on holiday recentley and it worked very well.


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Why not ask the hotel to make your shake for you?

Advise them you won't be taking breakfast but you would like them to blend your shake instead? Most places are quite nice if asked!


Slimming down the aisle
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Ahh ok see my CDC told me that I could only have one tetra OR bar a day, so I shall definitely stock up on tetras! I definitely agree they don't have to be problematic but this was so last minute I didn't have the chance to get organised! I'm going to this week though get a hand blender thing as soon as I can find one. Will have a look at the vitamix one on amazon, thanks do it anyway :) I'd got my CDC to order me a shaker thing last week but they're out of stock. She's trying to find one for me though. That way I'll be sorted if I go away again. I don't usually stay in hotels you see!

What I ended up doing was having a chicken salad for dinner. Plain chicken, just green leaves. I enjoyed it but found that I got full up very quickly. So I'm pretty sure it was within the green and white guidelines. I tried making a shake this morning but it just didn't work at all!! I didn't think to ask the hotel, they probably would have thinking about it! I'm going to go have my soup now :)


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i think most health food shops/tesco's etc will sell a drink shaker thing for protein shakes etc and they will work really well for cd shakes too!
Most argos' sell stick blenders i think?xx

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