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Staying in 'The Zone'!!


Never gets tired of SW!
Hi troops, just thought I'd share with you how in 'The Zone' I am!! I've never known anything like this! I've had such negative perceptions of 'dieting' in the past, even when I lost 3.5 stone on WW I found it a real slog (not to put down WW, it was more likely my attitude that found it a chore!!) Needless to say I put all the weight back on... and more! Not a surprise feeling so negative about the experience!! This time I feel so different, so enthused and enjoying my food so much every day is exciting and delicious! I'm getting such a buzz out of going to group, seeing my progress, bouncing off others and sharing tips both in class and on here! I would never have thought it was so easy to lose 18lb- I have a long way to go yet but I have a feeling I'm going to do it! I'll then be looking here for lots of tips on keeping it off, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it!! I can well and truly say that I've never enjoyed my food so much in my life because I'm caring about myself when I'm preparing it and appreciating it, knowing it's doing me good and feeling the benefits already! The feelings of being in control at last are overwhelming and I can't believe I haven't done this before now!! I'd love to hear other peoples' take on SW and how they're finding it!X
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What a lovely post, so glad you are enjoying your SW journey, and good luck with your weight loss. X


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Your post sums up how I feel completely!
I've dieted before, even started Slimming World before a long time ago, but have never been 'in The Zone' like I am now. It's funny to hear you use that term because it's exactly how I described it to a friend of mine last night.
I know that I am going to succeed this time and it's a great feeling and like you I'm enjoying the food too.
I think it's true when they say that you have to do these things (like losing weight, giving up smoking etc)because you want to and not because you think you should (perhaps due to media pressure for instance) or because someone else (GP or family for instance) has suggested you should.
It is so so good that you also are really enjoying SW. i have tried in the past but am now,like you, really 'in the zone' and the lightest I have been in almost 20 years!Well done you. We can really do it this time.

Devon Dolce

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Hey hun, I'm totally in 'The Zone' too and my C often refers to me when we're talking about it in class! Love it! xx


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Good to see that so many people are feeling so positive. My flatmate and I have lost just over a stone each in 4 months and haven't felt deprived a single day. We both comment on how our "natural" food choices have changed as a result of SW and that we both feel positive that this has been a life change rather than a diet! :D