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Staying "regular"

I known this is not a particularly pleasant subject, so apologies :rolleyes: but could do with some advice. Does anyone else have problems being constipated? And if so how do you "alleviate" said problem!!??

I do use the fibre stuff in two of my shakes, but its a bit hit and miss - any suggestions would be welcome!
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Ive been told do use senna. I havnt needed to yet but i have some just incase x


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hello, in my experience fibre clear makes the situation worse as it adds bulk but no relief. I use dulcolax or dulcoease you can get them in the supermarket or chemist and they don't take you out of ketosis or indeed senna seems to be a popular choice x
I am SO glad someone posted this thread! I have been dying to ask about this! Xx
I have a history of being sluggish and I love the Fibre Clear, two spoons each evening is all I need, although as one post says she drinks hot water, I drink most of my 3 litres a day as hot water, so maybe it is a combination. What a subject!
Glad this question has been raised because this is a big problem for me. Everything else about the diet is fantastic but I am trying all sorts to relieve this problem. I drink all my water cold so I will try it warm and see if that improves things. Thanks for the advice.
Well, the dulcolax sorted it, and now I'm back as before! Think I'll try the warm water tomorrow, it's having an effect on my weight loss, so I need to get it sorted!
It's very annoying isn't it. I am not quite sure on the science of how it all works. But seeing as we're not putting anything in, there shouldn't be much to come out? Am I right? Yet I still do feel like I need 'to go' but can't without dulcolax. What is up with that?!? Xx

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