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Staying Shunk Shrimpy


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I have decided that I can't keep posting food diaries on facebook and should really keep my thoughts about food in a sensible place! :eek: :eek:

I reached target at the end of March with a total loss of 4st 12lbs :bliss: . I gained on my first week of maintaining - the full 3lbs! :confused: :( Then doing exactly the same thing I lost 1lb :confused: and have been upping and downing since then.

So HERE it is. The 100% honest diary to record my crazy thoughts and what I have eaten. Every little morsel. Maybe it will highlight what I am doing wrong and why I can't seem to get back to the bottom end of target.

Start with Today I guess.

I am doing a "losing" couple of days as I have had 3 meals out this week.:eek: However, I made what I think were low syn to free choices but the midweek peek says a gain of 2lbs,:eek::break_diet: putting me out of target!

So here goes- not sure yet if I'm having a red or EE day.

Breakfast: 2 weetabix (HExB) with milk (taken from HExA- 250ml semi), a banana, apple & pear. 1 Coffee (using milk and 3 splenda)
Snack: 1/6 of a pineapple chopped up.

Went to Boots & B&Q and got the HUNGER!

Snack/lunch: an apple, a kiwi, egg in a cup (2 eggs and a tsp cottage cheese) and then a quarter of Asda's Fresh tastes Tropical fruit salad.

Snack: Coffee & a Lee's Snowball (3.5syns)

Am no longer hungry which is a "good thing" TM. :)

WELL.... I've decided to go for a green day, since I've been 100% neutral up to now and that'll give me my extra B that I desire!.

So for dinner I am making quorn curry (quorn, onion, garlic, peas, tomatoes and spices) with pilau rice (onion and spices).

But, of course I couldn't just "cook" so I ate an apple while I was chopping the onions. It smells amazing though! :)

It was yummy!

Then for pud I had a HUGE fruit salad (mango, melon, pineapple, apple, kiwi and orange) and a Kellogg's Fibre Plus bar (HExB). Yummy!

Ok- LATE night synnage!
Coffee with splenda minis.
25g caramel snack a jacks caramel - 5.0syns
treatsize chomp - 3.0 syns

I am allowing 3.0 syns for the possible syns in the earlier 2 coffees!

So total: 14.5 (if there are syns in the asda sweetner)

I feel like my 3 syns were stolen! I'd much rather use them on mikado! Booooo!

So, I think I've done alright today and am hoping that I can STS rather than gain on wed!
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Thank you Lucy.

Updating my food diary... :)

B's lovely lady

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Well done, what a fab loss!! I'm sure you'll sort out maintaining soon, just a case of tweaking what your eating!! Good luck xx


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Thank you for the vote of confidence. :)

I've eaten AGAIN, lol. Time to edit it! :)


hiya, im just being nosy peeking on here :eek: lol wwell done with the weight loss tho! interesting to have some writing about random things with the food diaries :) xxx


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Nosey is fine! :)

I think I've screwed up! :( I've been using asdas Granulated Sweetner made with sucralose as free and I think it's not free in the volumes I have been having!!!!! :( :(


aw how come? i used to use tesco sucrose based sweetener(sp?) , where did u learn it wasnt free huni?xxx


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I put it into the syn calculator cause it's not on the syns online. It came out as free if a serving was 0.5g but I have 3 tsps so I did 1.5g as a serving and it said 0.5syns! :(

So I'm back to my Splenda minis and splenda powder!

I have decided to have a green day since I've been 100% neutral up to now, LOL! Quorn curry or chilli. :)

Updated food again! Damn I eat like a horse!
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Hi Mollusc,

I am now following this thread with interest. Great idea because as you know you have now hit the difficult task of maintaining you lucky thing :). I am sure there will be lots of people interested in how you get, what challenges you face and how you deal with them.

I take it you haven't upped any Hex's since reaching target ? I guess it looks as though you may have hit your natural plateau which is fine.

Look forward to reading your food and your thoughts.

Gail x


haha im the same, never stop eating! lol shame about the sweetener :( at least u know now tho, before any damage can be done! :) xxx


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Hi Gail,

I did up my extra Bs and seem to have too-ed and fro-ed if you know what I mean. :) This week I have definately gained, WI tomorrow and it's looking like 1lb outta target, even though I've made good choices, so I am *trying* to do some damage limitation and am back to a "losing" eating pattern til it's rectified. :)

Hi Juicy, I hope the sweetner isn't the cause of my gain, though it actually could be as I've been off school and drinking coffee by the bucketload with the stuff in! :( Gah!

Alrightey- Today so far!

I weighed myself - before getting dressed- I know it's naughty, but it looks like 8 12, so a nasty gain of 2 from last wed! :( So, still on the losing streak, lol!

Breakfast- 2 weetabix (HExB) & milk from HExA allowance (250ml semi skimmed), a banana and an apple

Then it was panic time as I had a lesson observation first period, first day back to work! Aaaaaaaaah!!!

Went alright though! ;)

Breaktime- THE most UNRIPE pear in history, coffee (with splenda) & a weightwatchers pink grapefruit yogurt

Lunch- Leftover quorn curry (no rice, I ate it all last night!). Then a fruit salad I made last night (melon, apple & orange slices) and an orange - just for luck!

A coffee during my PPA lesson (made with milk from HExA & SPLENDA!) & a Blue Riband bar (5.0syns- mmmmm)

I got home and made a commitment to myself. I am having a "Metabolic May", so am going to MOVE more! Back to the gym at least 4 times a week. NO EXCUSES! So off to the gym I trot, after scarfing down an apple & another unripe pear, and I am good and sweaty! I also feel really rather accomplished, lol!

Dinner's in the oven - Jacket potato, baked beans and a side salad.

I also think, since I've had no meat, I'm declaring today a green day and I will have CHEESE too!! So, off to shower and in 23 mins I shall EAT! I'm timing the potato- I'm so sad! LOL.

Check in later to no doubt update MORE food consumption!

Edit no. 1
Ok, I ate the potato (HUGE) it needed an ENTIRE tin of baked beans (with paprika and cayenne stirred in) to remain acceptably lubricated. The side salad was yummy. I am stuffed and I forgot about the cheese! D'oh!

Edit No. 2
For some indescribly confusing reason I got hungry again! So had a huge bowl of fruit salad (pineapple, apple, orange and kiwi). And am now munching happily through a kellogg's Fibre plus bar (HExB) and a 25g bag of snack a jacks (5.0syns).

So total today: 10.0 syns both Bs and 1 A choice.

Semms pretty good. I think. :)
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More random thoughts- Instead of editing the same post. I'll shove these seperate.

I am slowly coming to terms with my new, rather achy thanks to the gym trip, body. I still do a double take when I see my left leg (my right calf is stupidly swollen thanks to multiple DVTs) and there are some real positives to being "skinny", but as I still cling to my old view of myself I see lots of little "downsides". Like- I used to be a proud card carrying member of the Big bouncy boobies club and I was unceremoniously ejected and am now a rather bashful memebre of the itty bitty titty club instead. I noticed yesterday, when I woke up I had two wee red marks on my knees, where the legs rested upon each other! I mean, whos knees hurt themselves? *waves hand in the air* Mine do! I think i might even be MORE critical of my body now than when I was larger. I am pretty sure it's because I imagined with almost 5st gone I'd look like Jessica Alba... instead I have woobly bits and loose skin and new bewbs!

Don't know where I'm going with this, but as I promised honesty here it is!


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Hi Shrimpy,

I love your honesty - thanks :). I am pretty certain that I am going to be able to relate to A LOT of what you have said. My boobs seem to have shrunk quite significantly recently (although I don't think they will ever be considered small in the grand scheme of things - I come from a long line of big boobed women !) and are looking a bit sorry for themselves.

Yes, please post on new posts, otherwise I might think that I've read a post when I actually haven't !

Gail x


hiya shrimpy i love your diary! u remind me of myself! hehe hope todays going well, and at 8 '12 ur still the envy of plenty of ppl here! oh and i noticed too, ur an inch shorter than me, another shorty yay! :) xxx


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Thanks for commenting and empathising Gail. It takes guts to be honest. :)

*grin* Thanks Juicy. Us Shorties must UNITE!!!!

I think I figured out where I was going with that post!It relates specifically to the view we hold of ourselves. The tags that we use to describe ourselves. I think, as part of who I defined myself as was "short, fat and big busted" and now only one of those wee labels applies. The short one, so I'm having to reinvent myself somehwat and it's SCARY! I have been that all my life and now I've dropped some of those labels. It's weird, exciting and terrifying in equal measures. Then there's the "perfection" I want to achieve, that I have not and it's weird cause I thought all those body niggles would vanish, but they haven't.

Today, I'm feeling positive, but terrified, I know I've gained weight, but I really, really, really hope I haven't. Weigh in at 6 - 7.30 and I'm starving suddenly and it's not even 4:30 yet! Aaaah!

So Today, I did the usual, weighed myself (8.12- eep) and came to school. I slept in so lunch was a mish mash!


Breakfast: 2 weetabix (HExB) & milk from HExA allowance (250ml semi skimmed), an orange and an apple. Coffee with splenda.

Breaktime: Defrosted frozen berries (raspberries & blackberries) with some Onken fat free straberry yogurt. And another one of those nasty hard pears.

Lunch: The go to lunch for me. Defrosted and microed frozen fish (cod- with lime juice and tuscan herbs) & micro-cooked carrots, broccoli & cabbage. Looks like a red day to me, lol!

Snack: Coffee (with splenda!) and a Galaxy Caramel Cake bar (a totally worth it syn laden delicious treat - 6.0syns)

Now on the sipping water til weigh in. :( I might just give up and eat something... or I might not- cause it would affect my WI results...
Anyway, there's where my randomness ends til after WI! :)

Weigh in done. Dinner is just eaten!

Dinner: Steak ("fried" in fry light with garlic salt, pepper & onion granules) served with broccoli & roasted veggies (onion, carrot, peppers & courgette).

Mmmm Such a nice red day dinner.
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good luck with weigh in! just remember your still a skinny minny! ;) lol oh and do u mind me asking, what do u do at school are you a teacher? i want to be a teaching assistant in a primary school :) xxx


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Hi Ali. :) Glad you're enjoying the read. :)

Weigh in wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be Juicy. I'm a secondary school Science teacher. By the way. :)

So... I gained 1lb, BUT I'm still in target! *happy dance*, then got home and ATE! I'm full and content now!

I am editing today's food post, next.


yay! well done :) wow ur a science teacher thats so cool :) look forward to seeing the diary :D xx