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staying to class


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hi everyone just thought i'd start a thread to see if anyone here stays to class i've just come over from sw to ww and registered today i sat down ready for class watching every get weighed and then they all one by slipped out the door at the end the consultant seemed to give the impression it was a normal occurrance has anyone else experienced this i was used to a big class and lots of motivation at sw all i can say is im glad i found this thread.... thanks everyone
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I have to say I don't always stay for my class because I have another commitment on a wednesday morning. I probably go to about 2 out of every month. Although I do find it motivational and its nice to be able to swap tips and stories with people I just don't always have the time


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When I used to go to classes they were big but soon dwindled to nothing. I think with forums like these, and busy lifestyles people prefer to get the job done and go on their merry way! I liked sitting about having a chat about it. I looked forward to having chats with like-minded folk.


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I always stay to class and get more out of them than the sw classes myself.

This site is great for extra support and I usually find I learn something new each class I stay too. Must admit I could never see the point in weighing and going seems an expensive way to lose weight but then again each to their own


adores posting
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Hi, thanks for all your replys i agree this site is great for advice i feel at home here already i,m doing a different WI day as of next week its closer to home went to this one to register tonight as could not contain the excitement of a new pack:8855: Hopfully the local one will be fuller.

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I presumed no-one stayed last week because it was a stand in consultant - but all the chairs were laid out. I won't be staying at WW long if we just pay & go! Although I couldn't always stay to SW classes they were great ways to share hints & tips and were always packed to the rafters!


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I used to stay. I dont like the constant sales pitch though so i stopped staying!
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l have been a member for ww for while now and always stay to class, last night the sun was out and members didnt stay there ended up 5 people stayed to the class, our leader sat down with us and we had a great chat about coping with wkends and bbq's, and it wasnt a quick 5 min chat it lasted the length of normal class, dont be put off with everyone leaving.


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ive just joined and stayed for 2 clasess, i dont think its about how many people stay but how good the consultant is, i was going to swap to a class nearer but our consultant is lovely, bags of energy very moivating and includes every one, she didnt mind me brinnging my 4mth old and just had tons of advice.. i think id stay if i wa the only one there!
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When i done WW before i didnt stay for the classes because i had my baby and 2 toddlers with me,they wouldn't sit still for a class so i just used to get weighed then go....this time i'm trying to do WW on my own,hoping i have the willpower!.xxx


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I get to my weigh in at the start and stay. I watch loads of people come and go, but for me, I need to stay (can't always if hubby away, and have 2 children in tow) I enjoy staying:eek: gets me out! By the end all the seats are taken though


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Hi. I attend a fairly large meeting and around 30 people stay and 7 or 8 slip away. There are lots of children and babies brought with there mums or childminders. I wish i would have gone when mine was first born. I think i will stay everytime as i really enjoy the chat and we have a really good leader.


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Slimmarach that sounds like a great meeting! My baby is 11 months and I worry about him making noise during the meeting because most of the people who stay are much older than me and have grown up kids


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Hi everyone thanks replying and for your comments it makes me feel more positive about staying on even if there are only a few there.:)

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