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Step 2 failure

Well I'm three stone down and still two to go and got v v fed up on packets so decided to go up to step two (at week 11 so only a week away from having to do it anyway) and the prospect of eating some real food led to me eating stuff I'm not allowed, piece of cake, bar or chocolate etc so a week on now feeling pretty rubbish and back on SS until I'm a little closer to goal as I clearly can't be trusted :-( good news is only a few lbs of damage done bad news how can I find self discipline to maintain if that is my attempt at step two!

Any wisdom ladies and gents?
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Slap yourself and remember why you want this, you can do this just think how you feel now after your "accidents" and get it in your head that you don't want to feel this way again. Sorry i think I'm getting known for being tough but I have lost 107lb with cd and if you didn't want to get YOUR weight off you wouldn't have posted
Now you get a hug and stay strong tomorrow xoxo


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I think it's a huge amount easier when you've got tothe weight you want to be and you're really proud of your acheivement and how you look - it's a massive motivator to maintain that! Other thing to bear in mind is that you're not going to ignore cake for the rest of your life, the odd piece in moderation isn't going to do you any harm - only if you eat a piece a day every day!
Yeah agreed and need slap! Have been perfect today back to SS and no bars for two weeks. I think my CDC is quite keen for me to move up the steps now but I think as you say need to stick to SS until I'm much closer to goal!

Back on track!


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Only eat whats in the book!!!!now that sounds easy doesnt it .......if only it was as easy as that lol xx
Yep that clearly was my mistake. I find SS easier than other diets I've done because I've always found abstinence easier than moderation. Next time I go up a plan I'm going to need to be much more focussed!
maybe try and do a mini meal plan so you know exactly what you are going to have, might stop your taste buds wandering....



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treat the food week (when you do it again) just like SS - only have what is allowed and be really stubborn about it - weight and measure (i know its a pain and you can get away without doing it) but do it - they you will stay in the same mindset of this is what I'm allowed rather than going "freestyle"!

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