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Discover Stephs Best Shot!..... and final one :-(

Hello everyone! I've ummed and aaahed about doing a food diary for a while... and have decided to fight the bullet and go for it.

I'm in a happy relationship and have a little boy of 17months. My starting weight was 20st 9lb and as soon as my son was 3months old I joined Cambridge. I got down to 16st 4lb and was elated! I carried it well as i'm 5ft 10 and for the first time in ages I was happy. Then... due to the fact I couldn't afford the 56.00 per week that Cambridge was costing me, i decided to quit..... and join slimming world. Big mistake :-( I was niave to the fact that my body would adjust to another diet just like that and after a week of following green days (cheaper) I put on 4lb (and i was religiously good in fear of putting on!).... so I've tried slimming world to fail and then because cambridge has screwed my head up i've since tried slim fast, tony ferguson and recently atkins. I am such a mess and i'm sure my body doesn't know what's going on!... So I've come to the conclusion there is no quick fix, there is no cutting out food groups and if I had of done ww from the start and only lost 1-2lb a week, i would be at my target by now... instead i am out of pocket from cambridge and back up to 18st 8lb!! :-(

Sorry to waffle guys, just wanted to give you some background. I lost 4lb last week on atkins from 18 12 to 18 8, but I couldn't stand the restrictions so i'm back to ww basics... doing the discover plan!! Wish me luck xxx
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Good Luck Steph! discover is a brilliant plan and im sure you will get back on track soon! Looking forward to reading your diary! x
Aww thank you so much! I'm hoping that the support from here and the inspiration of looking at everyones great results are going to spurr me on!! xx
Not until Tuesday - I usually go to boots and print off the ticket and stick it in my book, so I can look back on good weeks and bad weeks to see where i went wrong x
Hi steph

I understand where your coming from love.. I have done cambridge and put it all back on then tried exante and it made me ill!!

I chase after the quick loss dream but like you said its for the long term now and ww is the answer for thatx

stay in touch x
Thanks hun - I just wish i'd never done Cambridge, it has really messed my head and body up i'm sure!!

Wednesday 23rd March

2 x scrambled Egg 3pts
1 thick slice loaf 1.5pts
Mushrooms & Tinned Toms 0pts

Tin of Tuna in Brine 2pts
Salad 0pts
Salad Creme Light 1pts

WW Chicken Pizza 5.5pts
Ketchup 1pt
Extra Mozzarella Cheese 1 pt
Sugar Free Jelly 0pts
Full fat cream! oops! 5pts

3 x oatie biscuits 3pts
2 x caramel digestives 4pts
quaver crisps 1pt

Total: 28/27

Phew not too bad! I thought i'd gone miles over with the biscuits! Will be keeping my calculator by my side for the forseeable future! What a waste of points!! xx
Thursday 24th March - Allowance 26pts (recoup for one over yesterday)

2 x Weetabix 2pts
1/2 pt skimmed milk 1pt

2 x thick bread 3pts
tin of tuna 2pts
lf salad creme 1pt
cheesy curls 1pt
bacon rasher crisps 2pt

Total so far is: 12 and unsure what to have for tea at the moment

80G Pasta 4pts
Mozzarella 4pts
Tinned toms (blitzed) with cayenne pepper and herbs 0pts
Sugar free jelly 0pts

Total of 20pts..... maybe have some chocolate... will see though x
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You are doing great! You have lost weight before so you can again hon. I lost just over 9 stone with ww a couple of years ago, and 1.5 stone has crept back - its so hard keeping it off!

I ma determined to stick at it though!

We can do this lol!
Thanks hun - 9st is brilliant! Well done, I know what you mean about keeping it off, i'm going to struggle for the rest of my life I think... but i'll worry about that when i get into my size 12 jeans lol xxx
Hi hun - weigh in day is Tuesday normally, so i'm doing well so far, just got the weekend to get through!! Are you doing Ok? I'll have to check out your diary i'm still trying to get to grips with how minimins works lol xxx
Friday 25th March - 33 allowed today

2 x Weetabix 2pts
1/2pt skimmed milk 1pt

Wotsits 1.5pts
Bacon Fries 2pts

80G Pasta 4pts
Mozzarella 3pts
Tinned toms, herbs & Spices 0pts = 13.5 so far

Egg fried rice 10pts
Singapore noodles 5.5pts
Chicken & Mushrooms 3pts (prob wont eat it all but pointing anyway)

4 finger kit kat - 5.5pts
Mint aero 5.5pts[/FONT

Creme egg 3.5pts
Grand total of.........46.5 = 13.5 over, not too bad and it was lush! Plus i can cut back 2/3pts per day til weigh day as i'm not counting the bonus points for the miles ive walked today!
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Im the same, im so scared about the weekend dont want to be tempted by treats!!, i will be so proud if i can stay within my points! haha, lost 3lb this week so think im doing ok, a bit of motivation to stay on track! xx
Well done hun! 3lb is ace, hope i lose that, but i doubt i will, even though i have done really well so far! I need to plan ahead and get something in the fridge that i can just grab when i'm hungry otherwise i just grab the wrong thing!! xx
Saturday 26th March

Attempting this from my phone today so who knows how it will turn out!!

Shape zero yogurt 1pt
Small banana 1pt

2 x ww wholemeal 2pts
Ham 0.5 pts
Reduced fat coleslaw 0.5 pts

Total so far 5pts - doing well for pulling back points so far!!
Doing great hun, dont know how ur not starving tho hehe :) Those shape zero yoghurts are yum arent they! x
Hi your doing really well your menus look good!!
I'm on my second week of ww feels like I've been doing it ages lol.
I get weighed on a Tuesday too! Goodluck I think you'll have a good loss :)
I am so rubbish! I fell off the wagon big time so I am now back on it! I don't know why I do it to myself, I hardly enjoy it at the time and then feel vile afterwards.... and have wasted a week or 2!! Anyway rant over, I'm now on a fresh start and I'm going to try and be 100% for at least a month!!

Saturday 2nd April 2011

1.5 Weetabix 1.5pts
S. Milk 1pt
Total 2.5pts

Banana 1.5pts
= 4pts
Ryvita Minis 1.5pts = 5.5pts
Boiled Egg 1.5pts = 7pts
Pot Noodle Soup 2pts = 9pts
Crisps 2.5pts = 11.5pts
2x thick bread 3pts = 14.5pts
Ham, Cucumber, LF Screme 1.5pts = 16pts leaves 11
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