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Steph's culinary delights

Afternoon all. After doing a [email protected] job on SW, and losing slowly, it's time to get on the ball and do things properly. I now have 5 weeks until I am 40, so time to get serious! :D On extra easy today

B: Hi fi bar HE B on train in, Skinny sf vanilla latte HE A

MM: Big fruit salad, M&S COU yogurt

L: Mini quich muffins, beetroot salad .5 syns

Apple on the train home

D: Richmond sausages 7.5 syns, wedges, steamed veggies

E: Rest day.
W: 2 litres & herbal tea
S: 2 toffees 3 syns

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ARGH! My boss has just gone and bought all the yum yums from M&S and brought them in. They are so moreish, so I don't even want to have one for 8 syns! :) I will have an apple.
Morning all, lovely and sunny in London today. TGIF, this has been an incredibly long week, I am so happy for the weekend. Hair appt tomorrow, and as I have started to resemble a scarecrow, it's about time :)

Red day today I think, but that will depend on dinner

B: Skinny sf vanilla latte HE A, fruit salad, mullerlight, cinnamon

L: Pork chop, sweetcorn, salad

D: Tacos (5 syns for shells), cheese HE A, hf creme fraiche 1/2 syn, salsa 1/2 syn, loads of lettuce & tomatoes & chipotle tabasco (free woohoo)

If DH comes in and is still feeling poorly, may substitute tacos for cottage pie and loads of veggies.

S: fruit
E: 5K running
W: 2 litres

Have a good day! x
Better late than never :)

Green day today

B: 1 slice toast 1/2 HE B, beans
L: 1 slice bread 1/2 HE B, kalamata olives .5, olive tapanade 1, tomatoes, feta HE A, red onions, ham
D: Salmon HE B, wholegrain rice, veggies, spread 2

S: banana bread 2, ale 8, skinny latte HE A
E: 1.5 hr country walk
W: 2 litres water and herbal tea

Have a good day
Morning all, extra easy day today. Trying to claw back some syns from this weekend. I don't have a problem during the week but go a bit haywire at the weekends!

Anyway, will limit my syns today to make up for the 10 over I went yesterday!

On the train in oaty bar 1 HE B

B: fruit salad, lf greek yogurt 1, honey 2.5
L: Couscous, roasted veg, feta HE A, black olives 1, olive oil 1
D: Roast chicken, rice or SW wedges, steamed courgette

S: fruit
E: Rest day today
W: 2 litres & herbal tea

Have a good day! x
Morning all! Knackered this morning, but well planned :) Extra easy again today. I really like it, but do miss my extra HE A & B

B: skinny sf vanilla latte HE A, oats HE B, mullerlight & fruit

L: Roasted veg, couscous, blackolives 1, feta 3.5

D: Grilled salmon with sweet chilli sauce 1, corn, bns chips

S: fruit, 2 slices ww bread 5, ham
E: 5K running
W: 2 litres

Have a good day x

WI tonight, fingers crossed I want to get to my 1/2 stone mark!

B: fruit, 1/2 hi fi bar (on the way to work) 1/2 HE B, skinny sf vanilla latte HE A

L: Salad, beans, chicken, balsamic vinegar

D: WW Pizza 8, black olives 1, parma ham 1

S: fruit, candy floss 3
E: rest day today
W: 2 litres

Have a good day! x
Ok 2 lbs off last night which is really disappointing considering how good I was for the last week, and how much exercise I got in. I was really ready to splurge last night because of it, but managed to only go over by about 5 syns. Back on it today, determined not to undo the good work of the last week!

Extra easy day today

B: Skinny sf vanilla latte HE A, oats HE B, banana, fig, and vanilla COU yogurt.

L: Ham salad, beetroot salad .5

D: SW quiche, sw wedges, salad

S: fruit, berry snack a jacks 6
E: 30 mins powerplates
W: 2 litres

Have a good day
Morning all

In training today so it's a bit tricky, and not very exotic :) Red day today

B: Oats HE B, yogurt, blueberries, banana, skinny sf vanilla latte HE A
L: Chicken pieces, fruit salad
D: Quiche, beans HE B, tomatoes

S: apple, candy floss 3, wine 6
E: rest day
W: 2 litres

Have a good day
Hi Sarah,

I see you use a powerplate - I have a home version but dont really use it. Do you find they work and if so could you give me any effective poses?

Thanks very much

Hi Rem

At my gym you can only do them with an instructor, and she has us do many many different exercises on them. The last session I did she had us do reverse plank (or just do a normal plank if you haven't done it regularly with feet on the floor, arms on the plate), push ups with feet on the floor (or on your knees) and arms on the plate. We do squats, lunges, dips, sit ups, and then sit ups where you dip on the left and right to work your obliques. I did my class on thursday and I can STILL feel it today! LOL It's really great, I wish I could afford a machine at home myself. If you need any more just let me know hon!

Afternoon all, running a bit slow today!

B: Mars refuel 4, banana
MM: omelette, bacon, tomatoes, 2 babybel light

L: Chicken pieces, salad

D: Steak, salad & sw wedges HE B

S: banana, apple, candy floss 1.5
E: 5K running
W: 2 litres

Have a good day
Hi steph - thanks for the advice!
Mine was brought on amazon for £175.00 - carl lewis (obviously nowhere near as powerful as the proper ones but hey cant do any harm!)

Can you tell me about the sit up positioning on the plate and also any glut exercises.

Thanks very much

For the bum, lunges and squats as low as you can go. and the position for the squats, facing the back of the machine, holding on and squat as low as you can go (make sure knees not over feet for correct position), hold and then pulse for 10 seconds alternating.

For sit ups, sit with your back to the handle of the plate, roll back as far as you can (without putting your back on the plate) and without it hurting your back, don't go so far down if you have back issues. and hold your arms out in front of you as if you were stretching to grab something, head up. Then roll up slowly and then back. Also if you want to work the obliques, slowly reach both arms over to the left, then back to the centre and then over to the right. You will feel it but it should NOT hurt your back, if so, come up a bit.

Morning all, feeling quite perky today! :) Red day today

B: skinny sf vanilla latte HE A, scrambled eggs, beans HE B, bacon
L: Roast chicken, salad
D: BNS bulb stuffed with bolognese (thanks for the idea Vixx x) and roasted in the oven, sprinkled with a tad bit of cheddar or parmesan HE A

S: cotton candy 1.5, banana, nectarine, mini crustless pumpkin pie 1
E: rest day
W: 2 litres water and herbal tea

Have a lovely day x
Morning all, had a blip yesterday that included chilli cheese curly fries after our team building exercise to celebrate our victory, washed down with a fruli! :eek: So back on track today

B: Hi fi bar on train in, skinny sf vanilla latte HE A
MM: fruit, muesli 5, milk HE A

L: Pasta quiche, chicken bites, salad

D: BNS Bolognese bake

S: fruit
E: None today
W: 2 litres

Have a good day!
TGIF People, man am I glad to see the back of this work week! Green day today as I am in the miseries and need some comfort food!

B: yum yum 8 syns (yes, it IS one of those days), skinny sf vanilla latte HE A
MM: banana, nectarine

L: Pasta quiche, 1/2 mug shots, 1 lc lite HE A

D: Pad thai from sw mag with loads of veggies

S: cotton candy 1.5
E: 40 min run
W: 2 litres

Have a good day! x
Afternoon all!

Better late then never, been out entertaining hubby with broken rib. Extra easy day today

B: Berries, ww yogurt, skinny sf vanilla latte HE A

L: Pad thai noodles, stir fry, smoked salmon, olive oil HE B

D: Beef bourguignon, mash 2.5, steamed kale & roasted carrots

S: fruit, cotton candy 1.5, eton mess 2 meringue
E: Walking
W: 2 litres of water & herbal tea

Chilly out today! Had a walk along the water, then settling in to study

Have a good day
Didn't manage to get online yesterday

Sunday: Extra easy again, much easier on the weekends!

B: Banana, coffee
Run: 5.5K
MM: Bubble & squeek, bacon, chopped tomatoes

L: Steak, salad, wine 4

D: Corned beef pie 15, roasted bns, sweet potato and carrots

S: none
E: 5.5K run
W: 2 litres

Did flexi syns as we had an inpromptu meal out with MIL
Now for today! Extra easy again today, then 2 red days

B: Scrambled egg, 2 rashers bacon, beans, skinny sf vanilla latte HE A

L: Quorn bbq pieces, salad, cottage cheese

D: Roast chicken, roast bns, sweet potato & carrots HE B for olive oil

S: fruit salad, yogurt, squidgey chocolate cake 3
E: rest day today
W: 2 litres

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