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Stepping out of comfort zone!

Hey all, some of you may have seen my recent post about considering re-joining SW , well it is Tuesday, the day of the group I would like to rejoin due to how lovely the consultant was/is :jelous: So I'm sitting here at my desk feeling so totally overwhelmed and nervous at this prospect, I pretty much know what my weight is but still, having to confront it on the scales in the group is a very scarey prospect. Although, I know this is an essential part of doing this- being weighed every week! Can't avoid that, lol.

I'm scared of walking into the room and it being like hi, I'm back and im 10lbs heavier than I was in Feb when I came the first time around so yep im a failure and people thinking 'yeah, she won't last'

Things not great in other areas of life at the moment and I fear being totally overwhelmed at having something else (SW) to think about as well as everything else . But I know my weight is such a big part of how unhappy I am these days.

Doesnt help that I have just by accident seen a pic on facebook of my ex's wedding photos, I'm not bothered at all about him but his new wife looked so lovely in her wedding dress and looked as if she had lost quite a bit of weight compared to other pics of her . I can only see these pics as I am friends with a mate of my ex's on there, who I have known for years. So anyway now I feel really rubbish about myself and wished I hadnt seen the pic :-(

please someone give me a good talking to lol as I know if I dont go to the group tonight I will regret it... again:sigh:
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right get your butt along to group!!! :)

i "properly" joined SW in October last year, but like yourself i had had failed attempts (as i refer to them) which were times i joined with a mini mission (eg lose a stone) and did so, then gave up and got into bad habits, gained it all back and more - so Oct 2009 was my 3rd time lucky (and second time lucky at the same class!) Nobody said a word, and i wasnt judged or looked upon as a failure. In fact I recently got voted by my class as the Woman of the Year.....so thats something to share!!! It could be you next year! x

And here i am, just under a year on and nearly 4 stone lighter......

you know it makes sense....have fun at your meeting!

As for the FB matter - set up a block for yourself from seeing this person. If you keep looking you will wind yourself up. Its not worth it, and he is an EX for a reason. Less hassle that way x
Hiya :)

Welcome to minimins! You will find lots of support here to keep you on track - we just need to get you through the door of your group first!

No-one will think anything of you for rejoining at all, other than "Good for you!" - indeed, one of the regular girls at my group last night rejoined, even though she had been coming for weeks and weeks before that, because she knew she had been just playing at it for weeks and had put some back on, so to psychologically prepare herself for a fresh start, she officially rejoined, new book, new membership, the whole shebang - and I thought that was ace - what a good way to really put yourself back on track!

It might seem a lot to you, but 10lb heavier than february really ISNT a huge amount, thats a little over a lb gain per month! You arent walking back in there weighing twice what you did, it isnt even likely that people will notice you have had a gain, and you will be weighing in afresh. Chances are half the group wont know who you are anyway because they will have joined since you left. So dont worry about that.

This is an incredibly positive step you are taking. You have been before, so you will know that once you step over the doorstep, you kick yourself for worrying in the first place because there is NOTHING to worry about!

So go ahead, go, get your new member talk, get your head back into the plan, and get going! You have nothing to lose except the weight!!
I joined SW 2 weeks ago. I have never been to a SW group or any other weight loss group so walking in that room was, to say the least, one of the hardest things i have done. I am very shy and not very confident and TBH I dont know how/why i decided to go but i did.

I hadnt took 2 steps in the room and i was greated by a friendly face saying 'hi how am i' and another friendly face saying am 'i just visiting or am i joining and would i like a coffee'. I was made to feel so welcome, I cant quite put into words how good i felt - but it was good from the inside.

She took me to the newbie table and explained it all and how no-one ever judged - and thats what you have to remember - no-one ever judges you at SW

So go for it, like i did, and dont look back x x x
S: 9st9lb C: 8st4lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 1st5lb(14.07%)
just remember the old saying, if at first you don't succeed, try and try again :) hope you did go :)

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