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Stick to it!


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S: 135kg C: 42.7kg G: 75kg BMI: 16.1 Loss: 92.3kg(68.35%)
I guess this constitutes bragging again and I realize how very obnoxious this will be but in the hopes it helps someone, anyone, not give up here goes:

I've read the forum a bit more than usual today between meetings. I've been struggling lately, this is the third 12 weeks SS cycle and the first two were a breeze compared to this one. Hungry, dreaming about food, not in full ketosis, monumental weeks and weeks of stalls, having to stop exercise to shift any weight, you name it. Most of all I guess it's psychological. 8th month of CD entered, not easy.:sigh:

Anyhow, I was moaning to myself as I was having one of them days where it feels goal is out of reach and I'm still fat, yadda yadda and then when I started reading here I noticed names of people I used to know. A few are stars, at goal weight and so inspirational but some others -and here goes the horrid part- were inspirational in the opposite sense. Never have I felt more determined and further from cheating than now when I saw the tickers of ladies (doing other diets too not only CD) whom I remember looking at a few months back and thinking "bah, skinny minni, what does she need it for?!!? Her BMI is nothing, I'll never get there" carrying far more weight today than I do. I know it's not the nicest of sentiments but yeah, I admit, it's good to see that had I given in to temptation since January I would have never gotten here. :eek:

So stick to it, it's worth it, one day soon you can have this light bulb moment and it feels good. Just don't admit to it, I betcha people think I'm nasty for thinking so right about now.:D
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You're not nasty! Inspiration can come in different ways. I bet the people who do struggle look at think 'if I only I'd been good I'd have been there by now' I know I do sometimes!

I know what you mean about struggling, as I've had a weekend off. Get weighed tomorrow and think I've put on, but am back on track.
You've done so well!


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You are not nasty for thinking like this :D, you are right! And what you are saying is important. There is no other way in reaching the goal but doing it one day at the time, staying on the diet and not taking breaks (like I did :D).

You are getting really close to your goal. Keep on fighting, you are a true inspiration! Heja heja!


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S: 15st1lb C: 8st10lb G: 8st10lb Loss: 6st5lb(42.18%)
Im so with you ............ so with you!!!!!!!! Since I have been on this diet you have always been so supportive........ and I have loved chatting and sharing with you.............. You have done so incredibly well hon and I for one am so proud of you!
It can be so hard sometimes but as you say its so so worth it.. Having reached 6 months today on cd it made me realise how quickly the time has flown and how unbelivable this diet really is..
Its changed my life and I know it has yours too..
Just wanted to CONGRATULATE you hon everyone does there journey differently as we know but I know I have liked the way I have done it and I am sure and I know you have liked the way you have too!!
Keep smiling sweetie you really are a star xxx


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S: 22st3lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 10st10lb(48.23%)
Not at all. Well done on your fantastic achievement. xx


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S: 135kg C: 42.7kg G: 75kg BMI: 16.1 Loss: 92.3kg(68.35%)
Thank you very much ladies, really, thank you for understanding. You girls and a few others are the stars I was talking about above.

To everyone else not happy to post that PMed and left rep points - I'm glad it helped and read and re-read what Curly says, it's the best thing either of us has ever done so nothing is more worth it, you'll get there!


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Hi. This is not nasty at all, you are just quite rightly glad that you stuck with it. We all have our own path to lead, and reaching out to others that are further ahead AND further behind us helps us get there. Whatever we need to think to get through the sometimes agonisingly long days and we can learn just as well from the mistakes of others as our own. We are all here to do that. Well done on coming so far. You are an inspiration.

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