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Still gaining on 1000 - 5lb in 5 days!!

Unbelievable. Don't blame you for switching back to 810. It will be interesting to see what you CDC has to say. All I can say is if this is what we have go through to go back to real food maybe we need to knock half a stone off our goals?

Why not pm Mary Poppins as she's maintaining at the moment, after CD.

Good luck.
Oh dear - I have never heard of this before. I know that Porgeous lost weight while she worked her way up the plans. Have you called your CDC? Are you going to the toilet ok? Sorry to ask such a personal question!!!

Let us know what your CDC says and best of luck honey.
You poor thing!


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Hi I dont really know what 1000 entails,but, I know on one of our group newsletters it said if you eat any carbs when on SS such as a piece of toast you would instantly gain 4-5lbs in water our CDC said this would happen as we moved up the plans,but,eating 1000 cals a day surely you cant be putting on actual weight as it isnt enough to sustain your daily functions and have cals left over.Personally I think it is some form of water retention,blimey youre only on 190 cals a day more than on 810 and you were still losing on that,dont get disheartened when you look at it logically how can you possibly be putting on weight with anything other than water!
I really dont know hun, hope you get it sorted , it surely has got to be water as you have to eat an awful lot of extra cals to put weight on.xx
On 1000 plan you shouldn't have an overall gain - but if you are weighing yourself every day you'll notice it more. From 810 where you are in ketosis to 1000 plan where you are adding carbs you gain glycogen - but because you are still only having 1000 cals it doesn't normally equate to weight gain.

Have you been to the loo?? TOTM?? Are you drinking enough water??

Stick to 1000cals for 2weeks - see what your weight does - and I suspect it'll will go down as your glycogen reserves fillup and then your body realises it and has less calories than it needs to function. you'll then be able to go up to 1200 and 1500 and still lose each week.
thanks guys - Must be a reaction to carbs - my CDC says I have eaten too many too soon - going to 810 for a week to get it off again then we'll try stepping again!! Oh the joys - logically I am only a pound more than I was this time last week - so it isn't so bad - who ever said this was easy - not me!!!
I'll feel better when I have sorted it out and to answer the personal qu, no I am bunged up too - which is good for a pound or so at least!! And it is TOTM due anytime now - so another reason - just not nice seeing 10 3 and a half then three days later 10 8!!!! Lots of love x
OMG - this is really scary! i think frances is right and we may need to lower our goals. also v depressing as i do not want to do CD forever but will be too scared to come off it! hope your body sorts itself out and you get some good news soon!

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