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  1. sherby

    sherby Full Member

    Hi all

    I am still here lol but I haven't done atkins for a couple of days I have done a low cal diet.

    I have lost 2lbs in 2 days so far not so bad. The 4lbs that I put on that day shifted the day after I pigged out on spuds lol for some strange reason. I am going back to low carb but I need to get the weight off as quickly as I can first. I didn't have enough will power to do the Lipotrim but after trying that the low calorie diet doesn't seem as bad.

    I have learned alot from the different forums that I have been on. I have learned to take notice of my body and listen to it lol. I don't eat anything that will cause sugar cravings and I don't eat bread. I am eating healthily. I would be a liar if I said I didn't get hungry but the hunger is controllable. I need to get this weight off. It isn't a want any more. It is all or nothing for me and I couldn't risk losing weight for a couple of weeks and then stalling at weeks 3 or weeks 4. This is what really made me think about the low carb plan. I feel I have to go for gold these next few weeks and lose what I can by eating a balanced diet and then I can do a plan that will be a life time eating plan. I am actually looking forward to that and getting my life back so in the mean time I am trying whatever I can to shed these pounds.

    Cheers everyone xx
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  3. Lexie_dog


    Well, good luck!

    Keep us updated!
  4. sherby

    sherby Full Member

    Hi everyone

    I failed miserably last night. It was my own fault because I hadn't had anything to eat from 5:00 until I got in at 10:30 at night and because I hadn't had that many calories through the day I was starving - hence eat last night.

    I am going to continue with Low Carb coz it has worked for me up to now. I wander how many lbs would have come off this week if I had stuck to low carb. Also I am going to take vitamin tabletts this time because I think that is why I was so hungry the other day. I think it was my bodies way of telling me that it was missing something.

    Does this mean I am back to week one of low carb. Does this mean I should have a good loss this week if I stick to it?

    Sherby xx
  5. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    You should do Sherby, don't forget to get yourself some low or no carb snacks.
  6. sherby

    sherby Full Member

    Thanks Jim

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