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Still in Ketosis on 1000 help!


This is going to sound crazy to some people but i'm on day 3 on 1000 and following it to the letter yet i'm still firmly in ketosis. Normally i would be over the moon however, i'm going out for my hubbys 30th bday on Friday and want to be able to have a couple of drinks (hence moving to 1000) but i've read that it is dangerous to drink while in ketosis. Will i come out of it by then or am i going to be stuck on the water again.

Any advice welcome.

H xx
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Hi thinkthincd,

I am no expert but it is the eating Carbs not the amount of calories that dictates the ketosis level.. I have followed the Atkins Diet and eaten 'a lot' and still been in ketosis, I think you'll have to introduce some carbs to take you out of ketosis.. good carbs like brown rice or a jacket spud will limit damage re weight loss..

Please be careful drinking in ketosis, it made me very very ill when i did it and it took me 3 days to recover!!!

Hope that helps a bit :)
How much are you intending to drink Hayley?? Believe me, you will be absolutely fine for 3/4 glasses of wine because you have been eating carbs. Worry not and have a good evening!
Thanks girls,

Frances i'm thinking a couple of Gin and tonics at most, i've been SSing for 16 weeks so not had a drop of alcohol, i'm guessing that it will go straight to my head anyway.

The odd thing is i have been eating carbs, on 1000 plan you do introduce brown rice/granary bread/new potatos etc.

Maybe it will take a few more days to take effect, i just really don't want to be ill, but i do want the option of a drink ....it's been 4 months lol!

Sarah- how much did you drink?
Yes, you will probably be out of ketosis in a day or two, but really you will not be ill with a couple of g&t's (that's my drink too!) because you have had carbs, and your g stores will have filled up.
Thanks Frances i'm just concerned as i was expecting a weight gain associated with glycogen stores, but so far i'm still losing and still in the pink/purple??!

Will just see what happens 2moro,

STILL in it!
Lucky you, im starting in 2 1/2 weeks and would be a dream to stay in ketosis although I was going to have a drink over xmas so think will add in some bread or pasta on the days im drinking, may not be a bad idea.
Spoke to cdc and she doesn't seem concerned (as much as i love her she also thinks its fine to drink in ketosis) granary bread, new pots, mashed pots, shredded wheat have all been eaten this week but have i come out of the pink???? NO! So frustrating i'm looking forward to going out so much 2moro night and i really want to be able to have a couple of drinks. If i'm still in the pink in the morning i'm rolling out the big guns......white bread!

I've heard of some people who have stuck to the diet religiously but the stick won't go pink even though they should/must be in ketosis -- maybe you're the other way and your body just produces naturally a high in something that activates the stick.

Pregnancy tests (even hospital ones) haven't worked for me - my body just doesn't play --- even when a scan shows I am.

Don't worry and enjoy your drinks :)
Thanks for your post and good theory, however i did get negative ketone readings in the first week of cambridge so i don't think i'm getting a false positive. Also i still haven't felt in the slightest bit hungry infact most of the time i'm having to force myself to eat because i don't really have an appetite. Was hoping i would get out of ketosis asap so that i would feel hungry and eating wouldn't be such a chore.

Sorry to any SS'rs i know you must think i'm an ungrateful moaning mare, i would have done if i was reading this post a few weeks ago, i'm just baffled by it!


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