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still need help ...


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Can I give you a bit of advice? I think you need to plan your daily menu the day before and check the syn values or status of everything before you eat it.

I'm assuming you are a group member here. When you joined your consultant should have given you a password that will give you access to the member's section of the website. There you will find online food diaries that will help you work out your HEs and syns for everything. There is also a full list of all the foods that can be counted as HEs and how much of them you are allowed. There is an online directory of food syn values and a syn calculator so you can work out the values for anything that isn't listed.

So back to your questions.

breakfast i had fruit and nut (HE b ?) who makes this and what is the full name? If it's Special K then no it's not a HEB and would need to be synned. Did you weigh it? How much did you have?

soya milk (HEA?) There are some soya milks on the list so it depends which one and if you measured it. How much you can have depends on if they are sweetened or unsweetened as well.

uncle benns rice ( 4 syns)
quorn sausage ( no idea on syns ) syn free

just had hifi bar, what do i count that as??? depends on the cereal you had and whether you can have it as a HEB. If not then this could be your HEB

What did you have for your evening meal? And what about snacks?

One other major problem is that not one piece of superfree seems to have passed your lips today. On EE you should really be having one third of each meal as superfree.

Don't worry if it all seems really complicated at first. You'll soon get the hang of it and it will be second nature. It's like learning a new language - you wouldn't expect to be fluent after one class!

So until then you really need to check and double check everything before you eat it. :)
Circles has answered everything there for you :)

I too would suggest you plan your meals in advance for the first few weeks while you get yoru head around it.

Also - have you joined a group as you will have a members pack that has the lists of all the HEa & HEb's & the names of branded foods that are actually allowed to be taken as them.



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sorry, i feel such a let down , my meeting was last night at 7pm got out 8.30pm and had no idea what to do, read till late hours, got up and had to eat what was in house, the fruit and fibre is kelloggs and is heb, the soya milk is also a hea, as for tea id planned a meal out with mates so had pasta and meatballs at zizzi but since i couldnt plan because no time i had to do my best.....:(


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Hi Hun, You are doing well, it always takes a bit of getting used to when you start a new plan.

I agree with the others, try and plan ahead for a few days, this will help keep you on plan but also works out more economical! Are you doing extra easy or red/green? What types of foods do you like to eat. Maybe if you let us know, we could suggest some recipes/meal plan ideas. I notice you ate a uncle bens rice for 4 syns, i would suggest maybe cooking a batch of the bachelors savoury rice, which is syn free, and having that in the fridge ready for whenever you want it. I always eat mine cold at lunch!

Maybe chop up a big fruit salad and also have that in the fridge, it will keep for a good 2 days and it will save you faffing each time you fancy a bit! and is a nice easy way of getting some superfrees in. Try also to add some salad/veggies etc to your meals. And spend your syns! have between 5-15 daily. I have a little box with all my treats in, everything below 6 syns. Stops me looking in cupboard where hubbys choccies are!

If i can help in any way, im more than happy too

If you don't understand the plan, you must get in touch with your consultant and ask for her advice. That is what she is there for. And when you go back next week you could ask if you could sit in on a new members talk again. No-one will mind. Your consultant really wants you to understand this plan and will do everything she can to help.

There is a very useful guide on this website:


where everything is set out in a very easy-to-understand way.

We all get it wrong from time to time, and the best thing to do is to read your book, and read it again and again, keep asking questions, and you will get the hang of it.

One thing that you must get your head around is that success with the Extra Easy plan depends to a very great deal on having lots of vegetables and fruit - the "superfree" foods listed on pages 11 and 12 of your book.

Good luck!


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Don't feel bad - we all made mistakes in our first weeks as we get to know the plan. You just have to learn from them. Forget about today and start fresh again tomorrow. If you find you're really struggling pick up the phone and call your consultant - it's what she's there for. Or of course you can post here, as we've all been in your shoes and know exactly where you are coming from.

So when you get a chance sit down with a cuppa, your books and the Sw site/minimins. Plan you meals for the coming week and write a shopping list for the things you'll need to get in. There are threads on here that give a sample shopping list for newbies and that might be a useful starting point. Look at what you've got in the cupboards at the moment and check what the syns are. Decide if you are going to use them, give them to others, or get rid of them. Then when you're organised and have a plan you'll feel much more comfortable and in control.


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hi thanks all
the uncle bens rice was due to being at work and not having time to take usual food in, every friday at work we get sandwich company who make fresh rolls and baguette but they closed today. ive got lunch boxes and use savoury rice alot
anyway enough excuses, tomorrow is first day .....

im going to fruit and veg stall in local town and proper food shop.

jacket potato with tuna and salad

chicken with new pots and veg.. this sound ok???

throughout day i nibble on fruit
im planning kelloggs fruit and fibre with fresh fruit.

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