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Still off sick. Bored and want to eat!

Well, my doctor has signed me off work for another three weeks although thankfully my liver function is getting slightly better which means I'm improving.

All I'm doing is sleeping about 18 hours a day but in the time I'm awake all I want to do is eat. I'm craving sugary things and carbs too. I've managed to resist so far but the more the boredom sets in the harder it gets.

I'm not allowed to exercise either, although I've not got the energy to but in my mind I'd love to be out running in the sunshine.

I've always used exercise to lift my mood so sleeping lots, no exercise and not going out is lowering my mood significantly.

Any ideas on how to keep myself entertained other than watching Jeremy Kyle much appreciated!
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Lots of baths, do your nails, write some lists of why you shouldn't eat (health risks that come with obesity etc) that one has particularly helped me over the last couple of days. I do some scrapbooking, reading, cross stitch, painting.....

Hope you feel better soon hun,

Emma xXx


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Well I work from home and have long spells during the day with nothing to do so in a mo I am off out to buy some seed trays and seeds and I am gonna do some gardening. I reckon the seedlings when they come through will take up lots of time and keep my hands busy.
Also posting on here takes your mind off eating :)
Be strong. I noticed how brilliantly you have done with your weight loss. People like you inspire people like me to stick to it. Dont catch the return bus to fat city!!!


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Yeah...that last bit was a tad cheesey......I'll get me coat...;-)
lol asilasil! I work from home too but do a lot of travelling around the country. It's hard not to check my work e mails but I'm resisting for now to avoid the stress of what's happening while i'm not there!

Think I'll get my cross stitch stuff out and try and stay awake long enough to do something creative. Plus it takes my mind off food!

If only it was August, then at least I could lie out in the garden and get a tan!

Don't worry, I have no intention of getting the bus back to fat town. But lask of exercise means I'm losing the tone in my legs and stomach. Booooo! xx


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I'm sorry you're feeling so low at the moment Rachel. I know you said you can't exercise but could you not just go for a gentle walk? The sun might make you feel better too.

Also, maybe you could read a book, that was going to be one of my distractions but to be honest I really haven't had time.

As other people have said, keep thinking of the reasons at to why you took on this journey and what you have acheived so far.

I hope you feel better soon x x


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Any ideas on how to keep myself entertained other than watching Jeremy Kyle much appreciated!
Turn over to channel 5 straight after he's finished and watch Trisha?!

Sorry :D Seriously - sorry to hear you're struggling, I do hope things get better for you, and quickly.


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I find playing around with clothes in my warderobe a great time consumer! Mix and match and then strut around some in some long-lost shoes, or try some old piece of clothing and be surprised how it fits now.. :D Always fun.
When I get really bored I go for a walk. Or depending on how artistic you're feeling - you could buy a cross-stitch kit, or make a painting.. OR even a macaroni picture! Like when we were kids, it's fun to do, and very pleasing as well.

Tried a walk earlier and almost fell asleep on my feet! Hate being so fatigued all the time. Blood test results today show my liver's recovering but as the dr said 'there's still a lot of nasty stuff in your system for it to process and that's why you're so tired'.
Have got my cross stitch stuff out and started on my xmas cards (always make my own) Bit early but at least it's better than day time tv!
All this time in bed and 5 weeks without exercise means my back's killing me. The dr told me today I can now take pain killers again as my liver should be able to cope with it so have taken a couple and now feel like I've had a few too many glasses of wine-hooray! I'll certainly sleep well tonight!!
Hope you feel better soon Rachel.xxx
mmmm, glass of wine. Thanks!!!

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Hi lovey

SOrry you are feeling so poorly still,k but so pleased to hear your liver is functioning better - that is so vital, and very good news.

Boredome is horrible. Get some good stacks of chick flicks, cross stitch is great - anything crafy I found helped. Good books, etc.

Can you do isometric exercise? That may not fatigue you too much and works the muscles and may help with keeping your tone - but fear not, you will get that back. Getting well is the main thing.

Isn;t it so ironic, we go to all this trouble to get healthy and live life!! And then this **** happens!! I have never had more skeletol and arthritic promblems in my life since I completed the diet, all non-related of course - but its so frustrating. Now that I could climb a mountain, every coupld of weeks I am laid up!!! Its not fair. But all I can do is laugh at it (except the times I cry about it! lol) . It just figures, ay?

Hang in there kiddo - there will come a day when you will long for time to relax, so try and "enjoy" it while you can, if you can.

Good well wishes in abundance coming your way.


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