stomach Exercise


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Hiya all

CAn someone advise me as to what exercise to do to help tone my stomach.
The weight is coming of nice and steady however the tummy looks very unsightly.

Cheers guys I know someone will help me cos om here we help each other


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iv been told to do sit ups, start off with 10 in a morning and at night and increase it to your ability. my tummy is like jelly lol not nice hahaha. I should start these sit ups myself. hope this helps


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I am going to give you the answer you don't want here!

Anyway I did loads of situps and also got an ab belt and it did wonders for my abs!! Problem was as the muscle tightened it actually made my loose skin look worse as it seemed to hang more off of me :-(



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Hiya sharon,

One of the other guys (nexangelus) told me to do situps, 10 to the right, 10 to the left and repeat, russian twists are what they are called and I have to say its working a treat!! Also if ya have a gym ball at home and dumb bells work well too and the usual press ups and push ups as well. So far this advice as worked for me and I hope it works for ya too.