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stomach muscles

Hi all,
Just wondering if this is a just me thing or if its common...

I'm on day 11 of SS and have been 100% so far, I have found today my stomach muscles are killing me! It feels like I've done some major ab workout or something but I haven't and can't think of any reason for them to be hurting so much. Anyone had this?

Thanks Clairex
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ooh I wonder if anyone has the answer to this - I had exactly the same pain around day 5/6 of SS. Felt like I'd done hundreds of situps (which I definately hadn't!)
Hi Hun, Sorry cant help yah, dont actually remember if I have any stomach muscles lurking in there, he he. Hope u feel better soon.
I'm on day 6 and I've got that exact feeling!!!
What is it?!
Must admit i have been doing this into my 5th week now and havent felt this....
I thought I might get some aches with my slendertone, but am up to level 65 on the crunch setting and although can feel it working, am not getting any aches afterwards..
Hoep you find out what is causing it!
You're not alone-I had the same feeling myself! Don't have a clue why!


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I've had cramps in my legs. And it says this on the cambridge website:

A few people are prone to cramp while using the Diet as their Sole Source of nutrition. It is not caused by the diet itself, but by the increased throughput of fluid in the body’s tissues. The muscle spasms result from changes in sodium levels as the water shifts between cells. The remedy for most people is to keep warm, whilst a drink of slimline tonic water just before bedtime may also help, as it contains quinine – as may "Crampex" tablets.

Suppose that could happen to every muscle in the body. oO Not only the leg ones.

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