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Stone Roses!

Is anyone else really excited about the Stone Roses reforming? I really want to get tickets for next year. Why do they always put the tickets up for sale when everyone is in work? Is really unfair. Fingers crossed my friend will be able to get me some as she's on maternity leave but was due on Tuesday so hope she doesn't go into labour! My OH is going to try to get some from work too.... Hope he doesn't get called into a meeting!
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I'd never heard of them until everyone was raving about them at work today :confused: I guess I'm in the wrong generation? Lol.

Good luck anyway, hope you manage to get tickets xx
Thank you! I'm hopeful but we'll see tomorrow! I guess I'm a lot older than you, they were massive when I was in school and uni. It's funny really as I wasn't a massive fan back then,although I did like them but then I met my OH and he is their number one fan so I've listened to them loads more now. By then they'd been split up for years though so no chance to go and see them.... Until now! :)
I've been sitting here over an hour trying to get through ticketmaster :(:mad::(:mad:
YAY!! Got tickets for the Friday!! I'm so happy!! Let's just hope they don't have another falling out before then and cancel the gig! I'm going to have to be extra nice to my Husband tonight for spending 2 1/2 hours glued to the computer trying to get them ;-)
I -think- I've managed to get tickets for friday too... on tenterhooks waiting for the confirmation email which it says might take 24 hours! :eek:

Ian Brown's comment after 220,000 tickets cold in 68 minutes with the first two nights selling out in 14 minutes.
"We plan on spending the rest of the day jumping up and down with our hands in the air!"
I -think- I've managed to get tickets for friday too... on tenterhooks waiting for the confirmation email which it says might take 24 hours! :eek:

If you've made a payment then you should be OK. I checked with my OH and he said he'd got some kind of receipt to say that he'd paid so I'm hoping our are all OK!!
Yeah it gave me a web receipt and had charged my card - just panicky as with it saying things sold out but I bought mine after 11 with lots of refreshing sites and things until it popped up with tickets available again!

Don't think I can settle now until I get the email though lol Stopping me eating too much the day before WI - have only managed an activia so far today :eek:
I don't think he got ours till 11am too. It's just hype when they say they sold out in 14 mins, everyone knows the web sites always crash, how can they possibly sell out that quick! If they've took the money I'm sure you're safe. Good luck with your WI, sounds like you might have a good one! :)
Thanks :)

I've still not calmed down lol Don't know if I'll sleep tonight.

I'm gonna set up a new ticker as soon as I know for sure - the lbs countdown for Stone Roses! Never been to a parks/festival kind of gig before so could do with being as small as possible for comfort's sake and to have energy to be up on my feet for ages :)

Think we've got some major motivation now to keep at this SW lark :D
What a way to start your outdoor gig list! You'll have a great time, the atmosphere is usually brilliant. Hopefully the weather will be good but rain or shine, you'll have a brilliant time. I imagine they'll have a few support bands too, probably big names. I think I'll join you in the countdown to the Roses, definitely something to aim for! I just wish it wasn't quite so long to wait :)


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"I am the resurrection" was the first tune up on random play this morning as I drove through the sunny Normandy countryside on my way to a customer. Fantastic! I saw a baby dear leaping over a hedge and a tiny red squirrel hopping along at the side of the road. It's days like this that make me appreciate where and how I live :D Wish I could see the Roses though!
I am a collapsed stress jelly but my confirmation email has finally come through! Hazah!!

It's a long way off but just gives us more time to get slimmy lol

Will prolly keep bumping this thread to keep the excitement going :D
My OH is going as he is a professional Manc, he's going with a load of his mates that he went to school with and they're gonna have a great time. I quite liked the Stone Roses when I was a teenager but not arsed about seeing them, I find reunions a bit embarrassing to be honest! Plus I don't want to spend 50-odd quid on something I'm ambivalent about.
I know what you mean, some reunions can be a bit crap but but after seeing Blur a few years ago I'm willing to take the chance as that was the best gig I've ever been to! It was a tiny venue and we were right at the front! Brilliant!
Lol at 'professional Manc' - never seen one of those before, strange :8855:

I'm usually a homeworker but I've got to go into the office for a meeting tomorrow. Looking forward to it 'cause I'm hoping I can gloat at people about bagging 4 tickets :8855:

We would have liked to have seen Pulp but we didn't think they'd be worth braving a festival for. Stone Roses is a different matter though, 'specially for my OH - like Lou's hubby, SR are his favourite band and the initial reason for him picking up a guitar himself so he could learn how to imitate Squire (very sexy to watch!) :D

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