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Stop stalking, start talking

After reading so many of your inspiring journeys I decided it was time for me to follow your lead and hope a little bit of your success would rain down on me.

I started attending class 10 weeks ago weighing 15.3. Lost a stone by week 8 then gained a pound (undeserved!) and gained another on Monday (deserved and worth it !)after a weekend away with friends.

I have had a weight probem since childhood and yo-yo dieted, like most others on here. My range over the last 10 years has been between 11.5 and just shy of 16 stone. Currently 14.5.

I tried SW about 10 years ago with very little success, this time however it seems to have slotted into place beautifully following mainly EE and strangely it seems to get easier as the variety is almost limitless and the quantity copious. Eating as much as I want is a real comfort and I don't feel "strangled" as I have done on more restrictive eating plans.

Being organised and having food available has been imperitive to my weight loss so far and I suppose starting this diary is yet another form of organising and commiting to the SW way of eating. I would love to be more involved in the minimins community and hope I can help and support you in the way you have all helped me.:)
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but you can call me Toni!
Hi there,

I'm fairly new here too. Only started SW three weeks ago, for the first time. I'm going it alone without group or anything so this forum has been invaluable to me! Everyone is so nice and I've learnt so many recipes and tips by reading through posts here :) Well done on your loss so far, I hope it continues to go well for you!

I've just also noticed we're both almost exactly the same weight and have almost exactly the same goal! :D
Hello Toni, indeed we do seem to be at the same stage with the same goals. Slimming twins !

I agree there are some fab recipes and ideas on here which really help to keep me going. Do you do ee and when is your WI day ?


but you can call me Toni!
No I do red/green days. Like I said I'm not in a group or anything, so I'm relying on friends/relatives who have done it before and anything that I can find online. I just can't get my head around EE, I'm not 100% sure how it works/what you're allowed etc so I stick to the other days that I understand :)

I weigh myself on Mondays. You?
I WI at group on a Monday too, Toni.

I'm sure my pound gain this week was "not real" and just bloatedness from my over indulgence at the weekend. My trousers dont feel any tighter. Even though I did overeat I did have some loose rules which I adhered to. I decided that I would eat what I wanted at the table but would not gorge on nuts/crisps/dips and would have one pudding a day. I stuck pretty much to this and I wonder if its because my rules were fair and reasonable rather than all or nothing which is my usual way.

I have two obsticles this week, the first is friends coming over on Thursday for drinks/nibbles. I will look up some low syn nibbles(plenty of ideas on here) and put them along side the full on snacks. The second is that I am staying over in London on Saturday which means an evening meal out and a hotel breakfast. Need to make a plan for this one. Will think on this and update later.


but you can call me Toni!
I think reasonable rules are the best way to do it if you are going to not follow the plan 100%. I think when its all or nothing you crave things more because you know you shouldnt have them... And that leads to feeling guilty. Which is never good.

The night with friends should be fine. There are so many ideas on here that are not only yummy but that don't even raster like "diet" food if you know what I mean. And as long as you don't go crazy on your stayover and you've stuck to plan for the rest of the week I don't see why you won't be fine at weigh in :) good luck with it! Sending you lots of moral support! :)
Thanks Toni, some serious pearls of wisdom there !

Had a cooking session last night and ended up with two serious disasters. I made the banana bread which tasted like an omlette. Not surprising really with no fat or sugar ! decided id rather spend a few syns on something I know tastes naughty. Then moved on to the sw hummus. Not bad but would sooner sys the stuff with tahini in it. So have made a big pan of chilli and rice which I love. I will eat and be full before friends come over and then am pretty sure I wont want to eat the snacks I've bought.

On the bright side I have spent hours cleaning my house, putting up fairy lights and scented candles (very country living) and as sad as it sounds I love sitting down when its all done and admiring the view

What is your dieting history ? Have you tried sw before ? Hope you are having a good day x


but you can call me Toni!
I am planning on trying to make my own Syn-Free Houmous next week too. I was feeling optimistic until I just read your review! Haha. I love houmous, and I've been having it occasionally with carrot sticks but I don't think it goes a very long way really... the amount I have if I don't think about it adds up to quite a few syns. I'll give it a go anyway and let you know what I think when I do! :)

I've also got Chilli on my menu for next week. The OH LOVES chilli and we haven't had it since I started SW because we usually just use the Coleman's powder mix sachet to make it... I'm nervous about how it will taste made from scratch. Did you follow a recipe? If so, do you have a link to it? I've got one but I'd like to compare it if it's different.

Your house decorations sound lovely. I can't wait to put the Christmas Tree up and stuff. I love sitting in the dark with the tree lights and candles all cosy on the couch! :D
Oh dont let me put you off. loads of people love the hummus ! (im just not one of them)


Fry beef mince until brown
add 1 chopped onion and 2 or 3 garlic cloves
add 3 beef oxo's and 1 tsp chilli flakes and 1/4 tsp cumin and 1tsp thyme
1/2 tsp basil
2 tins of tomatoes and about 1/2 tin water
The real secret I think is to cook it on 160 for at least 1 1/2 hours in the oven this makes such a difference to the taste
add red beans and cook for another 15 mins
If you have leftovers its lovely with jkt spud the next day
ooh and a dolop of plain yoghurt.

So glad I have a pan full on standby, as I know Ill drink tonight and I always feel so hungry afterwards.

Enjoy your evening Toni, I know I will. Its supposed to be reading group actually but we have become such good friends the book takes a back seat now. Ooops !
I feel really sad and disapointed right now. I'm going to London tomorrow to meet OH which should be great fun and a real treat. (He doesnt seem to care what I weigh) I just feel so fat. The last time I stayed there was about 2 years ago and I was about 2 stone lighter. I remember packing my little overnight bag and feeling really pleased with what I had picked out to wear. I just remember how much more confident I felt and how much I enjoyed putting outfits and accesories together. It feels such a vivid memory and I was so happy in my skin. It was a work trip that time and this time its purely for pleasure with someone I love being with. I dont think it has ever hit me quite so much how different being slimmer made me feel.

I suppose that the one positive is that I am actually doing something about it right now and not reaching for the phone to order a fatty takeaway. I'm going to Newyork at christmas and would love to be 1/2 a stone lighter by then. I will have to make a terrific effort for that to happen though at this eaty time of year.


but you can call me Toni!
Exactly - you said it. You're doing something about it. Just keep in mind how you felt then, not in a "oh im so fat now" kind of way, but as in "I WILL be that way again!". I know it's easier said than done to think positively but you CAN do it. Good luck in London, don't go mad but don't deprive yourself of a few treats either. ENJOY YOURSELF! :D

Wow. New York for Christmas sounds amazing!
Wise words. Thank you Toni.

Had such a lovely weekend in London. I love the city so so much. Did tonnes, and walked for hours. My legs are killing me !

I think I did pretty well on the food front too. Behaved myself from Monday to Friday and whilst in London I had rigatoni in a tomato sauce with prawns for lunch. As it was a resaurant meal I know there will be oil in it but I'm sure it didnt have a huge amount and the portion was filling but not overly large. Evening meal was monkfish (baked)with jasmine rice and a soy based sauce. Again not sure of all ingredients in sauce and basting of fish but it was,I think a fairly good selection. Had half a bottle of wine with dinner. Ate fruit throughout the day. On sunday had cooked hotel breakfast I chose all ee acceptable food. Lunch was EAT soup 9 1/2 syns and popcorn 5 syns. Again ate fruit throughout the day and had sw chips when I got home. I know I over syned but hopefully not a damaging amount.

WI in the morning and dreading it ! Having gained 2lb in the past two weeks another gain would be so painful. Nothing special eat wise next week so will really make an effort to be 100%. Feeling positive and confident.
Had WI this morning and lost 1/2 lb so so pleased. Certainly havent been an angel but was very mindful of my intake and did set myself limits. Should have a good week this week as nothing planned. Will try to drink more water and add more ss foods


but you can call me Toni!
So glad to hear that even with your weekend you still had a loss! :woohoo: Also glad to see you did manage to enjoy yourself and even eat things like popcorn without being too harsh on yourself! :)

Congrats on your loss and good luck for the rest of this week!
Had such a good day today ! I have enjoyed everything Ive eaten so much. It must be because everything has been just what I fancied. Wish every day could be like that, its so satisfying.

Tried on some clothes in town today and bought some new smart trousers in size 18 from m&s. The last trousers I bought were a 20 so that felt good too.


but you can call me Toni!
Yay for going a size down. I tried those shorts on today that I couldn't fasten the last time I tried them a few months ago. They FASTENED! Not comfortably, I could hardly breathe ha! But I actually got them closed. Chuffed, I was!
Sorry Toni left a post on your diary re shorts before reading this ! Well you will have to pick a smaller item now or just watch shorts become bloomers !

Not such a good day for me today. Not worked out syns yet....lets see....

EE day

Fruit n fibre (hexb)

milk (hexa)

4 roast spuds 6
gravy 3
stuffing 2

stirfry oil and sauce 5

Thats 16 syns in total, thought it would be about 25 so feel good about that.

I really can see this diet working for me, my weight loss is likely to be slow as I have a really big appetite but just love the fact that the deprivation I feel(and I do sometimes feel deprived) is minimal. There is always a proper meal I can have for free


but you can call me Toni!
You had roast spuds, gravy and stuffing and it was only 16 syns today? Haha, feeling optimistic about Christmas Dinner now, was thinking it was going to be so much more than that.

Yeah, I think for now I'll just keep this pair of shorts and hopefully I'll be able to actually WEAR them COMFORTABLY before too long. I bought them off eBay about a year ago, and they didn't fit me when they arrived but I loved them so kept them hoping to get into them at some point. It's taken a while, but hopefully not too much longer! *crosses fingers*
Not felt very hungry today. One thing I have learned since starting this plan is how different everyday is in terms of hunger,sometimes ravenous and cant stop eating,which is a fantastic reason to follow sw as you can eat with impunity. Other days,like today naturally low hunger levels.

2 bananas
2 apples
Pan of homemade soup (massive)
chicken and rice stirfry
milk hexa
oil hexb

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