Stopped making excuses

Star week this week, and i have really impressed myself, on other diets i have always used the excuse that i have to eat crap this week as my body needs it.... always given in to those demon's demanding takeaway and chocolate.... but not this time, i have made sure i have eaten plenty of free fuids to fill me up... although i still craved chocolate last night, i allowed myself 2 fudge bars out of my sins, as i had hardly used any this week so far... i don't feel guilty or deprived.... just have a feeling of acheivement.
Don't get me wrong it has not been easy, very mentally challanging... i sent my OH to the shop to buy the chocolate, if i had gone i may have bought a lot more, plus i may have had a sneaky bar while walking home from shop so OH didn't know.... that was the old me lol!!!
It's so good to have a sense of acheivement and to relise that you are actually changing your atitude to food, and i'm suprised at how quickly this has happened for me....
Just thought i'd share that with you, hope i didn't bore anyone lol!!!
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is getting better at it
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well done you, i know that choccie feeling and i used to be the same, now its just 1 bar instead of 3-4 when the craving gets to bad and then it s done


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I can sympathise with you. I still have xmas goodies in the house, demolished half a box of maltesers last night.:break_diet:I can't believe it (felt so gutted after eating them), I will be soooo glad when all the xmas food has gone.


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Well done! That is impressive, changing your mind set is hard work, you've done that now and are well on your way. :)


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Good thinking sending your OH to the store and actually thinking about what you are eating :)