Stopped Working?!


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Hiya All,

I've just joined!

I've been using Xenical for nearly 7 months now.
I started at 27st 4lbs and I am now currently 21st 3lbs

My doctor wants me to continue using Xenical, But for me it doesn't seem to have any "effect" anymore now, No matter what I eat

Does anyone know if the effects (good and bad) of Xenical wear off after you've taken it for so long??


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Hi James
Well done on your loss that is fantastic. I have been on the pills almost 4 weeks and lost no weight at all in spite of increasing exercise and eating very carefully. For me the pills are more psychological than an effect. I know if I overdo it that I will have a consequence therefore I do not overdo it. I know you are saying they don't seem to work anymore but after 6 months have you not changed your lifestyle sufficiently that you know what is right and wrong in your diet?

I am sure I remember reading that after some time they can become less effective


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S: 24st0lb C: 24st0lb G: 14st4lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Sharon1970, Thanks for replying! :)

Yeah I have changed my lifestyle quite considerably, But there are times at work where the only option is a Takeaway, When I first started the tablets these types of meals would cause "effects", But now, Nothing happens at all....

My personal feeling is to not bother with them anymore, as my usual meals are so low in fat that there doesnt seem much point :confused:



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I've been taking the pills since June last year and I still have the effects. So I don't know.

Well done on your weight loss so far though! :)


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I had a 3 month break but have been taking them for the last 10 days... same here, I have eaten many things I shouldnt have and only once did I know I shouldnt have eaten it...

However, I didnt have any awful moments the first time around and it does keep me on my toes and 9/10 make a better food choice.