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Hello all.
I'm FINALLY taking the massive step if quitting the fags on the 16th.
I'm 40, smoke at LEAST 20 a day, and have done since I was about 16.
I've never tried to stop, so am understandably bricking it!
I'm reading the Alan Carr book, but gave also decided to use nicotine patches as well.
I know this is not the way he advocates in the book, but I'm SO concerned about the effect that stopping the nicotine will have on my metabolism that I'm going to wean myself off the nicotine over the 3 month period.
I have read some very disheartening stuff regarding smoking and metabolism, and since I tend to put on weight easily, I'm determined to put on as little as possible.
I'm five ten, and currently 10 st 8 lbs, after losing over a stone through calorie counting and exercise( I do combat twice a week).
I am ok with the idea of gaining a little weight, and accept that I probably will, just not any more than ten lbs or so!
Does anyone have any words of wisdom, advice and encouragement to offer me?
The big day looms ever closer and I'm excited and terrified in equal amounts.


I'd rather be smoke free than anything else, so it's all about damage limitation.

Thanks for listening!
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I'm reading the Alan Carr book, but gave also decided to use nicotine patches as well
really really dont suggest you do this. I did alan carr 8 weeks ago and didnt have the patches..you will go through a crappy couple of days, but trust me if you use the patches you will have that again trying to come off them. Honestly get the nicotine out of your body.
Ive put about half a stone on but its coming off.


Reaching the goal
:confused: I also attempted to quit about a month ago and noticed that I gained weight. I don't know if it's psychological or am I really hungry? But anyway, you'll really a lot healthier when you quit puffing. Have a healthy lifestyle and you will never regret it!
Please don't use patches if doing the Allen Carr way..you really don't need them
S.Paul said:
You will make it if you have taken it as a goal :)
Wish you luck.
I'm on week 9 now and haven't smoked. Am on the 10mg patch now and about to come off altogether.
Best thing I've ever done! :)

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