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Storing Veg

I take everything out of any packaging it comes in. If feels wet then dry with kitchen roll. I layer kitchen roll at bottom of veg/salad drawers and veg goes on top.

I keep tomato's and cucumber out of the fridge. Believe it or not, cucumber keeps longer that way. And tomato's just taste grim freezing cold!
I've tried storing carrots every which way and they just never seem to keep, they go rubbery and dry looking and get black spots, so I only buy enough for the next 24 - 48 hours, and back them up with frozen or tinned - btw I read somewhere that the beta carotene in tinned carrots is more accessible than in lightly cooked or raw ones, in case that's of any interest...
I'm wondering if your fridge is too cold and it's nearly freezing the lettuce? That would cause it to go all horrible. If it's any help, my fridge is on 2.5 but I suppose all fridges are different?
You can get bags that help conserve fruit and veg longer. I think they have charcoal in the plastic. They do work.
My mum always used to put a lump of coal in the veg draw!!! As I remember it worked!!

The bags Patchninja suggested are good. You can get them from Kleeneze..

Just checked my fridge is on 3.5..

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