Storm - another photo


One Last Time.......
Well i went to check on Storm and have another cuddle today, see below photo ......

Should be bringing her home in 3-4 weeks! I can't wait!!:D


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Ah ! Staffies are SO cute. They always look as if they are laughing ! Bet you can't wait to bring her home. Melissa x
Well approx 10 days to go until i get my baby!! She is running around and has been weaned off of mum! kids can't wait and nor can I ...... Although i'm hoping she doesn't take too much of a liking to the xmas tree when it goes up!!

I've got her collar and lead and some chew toys all ready and will be off to buy her new bed next week!
Ah, its great preparing for a new puppy isn't it ? You need the equivalent of preparing for a new baby really :) although non-doggy people wouldn't quite understand that one !

10 days will go really quickly, how excting !
Aww she's gorgeous!! :D

Really hope the time flies for you! :) I'm excited about Wednesday and picking up Iggy pup. lol

I know the xmas tree fear!! we have a 'whirlwind' of a 2 year old we foster (are adopting fingers x'd)... considering no tree to xmas eve, or a fibre optic with hardly any decs on it! ;)