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  1. Sarah_P

    Sarah_P Happy to be slim at last

    I have done 4 weeks on total VLCD and then moved onto the next plan which is 3 food packs with one low carb meal. After eating my evening meal, which has just been chicken or fish with allowed veggies, I feel really full, which I know is good. Previously I would have eaten MUCH more than this. Yet I am finding that I have guilty feelings afterward and think that I shouldn't be this full. I know it's all ok, but has anyone else had these emotions when feeling full up, even though you know you have eaten a healthy meal, you are still in ketotis and that it will still result in weight loss?

    I wonder if I am just worried about weight loss during this first week of transistion?
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  3. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    oh yes, definitely - join the club! you'll feel better when you see it on the scales i would think x
  4. sukie sue

    sukie sue this is My time to shine!

    Hi ,
    its quite normal ,hunnie , i had 5 months of abstinence on lighterlife and the guilt and anxiety i felt when i began eating again was incredible , it soon passed though , i think its the sence of loosing control more than anything , on abstinence you know whats what and youre in control .when food is reintroduced it trows up so many feelings , mostly its all about trusting yourself around food . hold on babe youll do great xx:)
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  5. Sarah_P

    Sarah_P Happy to be slim at last

    Thanks ladies! My rational head says it's all ok, but I still feel strange. Glad I am not the only one that's had these feelings. I didn't really expect it. Roll on Monday for my official weigh in.
  6. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    It's because we have been browbeaten into believing you can't loose weight if your not starving love.
  7. NIC68

    NIC68 wants to get super fit!

    Hi Sarah, I know just what you mean! I feel exactly the same way after my evening meal and I'm only on a calorie counting diet. I equate feeling full with having lost control and overeating even though tonight I've had fillet of dover sole and green veggies!! For some stupid reason I only feel like I'm losing weight when my stomach's empty.
  8. Rela

    Rela Wannabe Lean!!!

    I'll let you into a little secret, but after I came off VLCD I binged and binged, the guilt would induce more comfort eating and I lost control completely, it terrified me as I had started to think of food as a bad thing and the only way I could live a healthy life was to have that constant hunger pain in my stomach, so once I started....I couldn't stop. Its about understanding that YOU control the food intake, and not the other way around. You have made the choice to eat (I'm guessing you're on good old white and green food right now? LOL) and you're doing so within the guidance of the plan you are following. You must not allow those feelings of guilt to control you, look at your food when its cooked, it looks beautiful, it smells beautiful and you know it will taste beautiful and you have made the choice to eat it and not feel guilty about it because it is within the allowed realms of what you are following. Just enjoy it sweetheart. :) xxxxx
  9. Sarah_P

    Sarah_P Happy to be slim at last

    Thanks Rela. That really helps to put it into perspective. I have stopped worrying now and am just going with it and as you say, enjoying it being able to eat good food.
  10. NIC68

    NIC68 wants to get super fit!

    Me too. I know it's wrong to feel this way but I suppose I'm just not confident enough in my will power at this early stage of my diet. 15lbs gone though in the first 3 weeks:)
  11. Sarah_P

    Sarah_P Happy to be slim at last

    Hi Nic, I am just telling myself each evening that I am in ketosis and I HAVE to be burning fat.
  12. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    15 lbs gone in three weeks is fantastic. Well done love. !!!
  13. RainbowCookie

    RainbowCookie Full Member

    I tend to think that way too.. as long as you're in the pink then its all good. xx
  14. NIC68

    NIC68 wants to get super fit!

    Mmmm...............what's ketosis and in the pink????? Sorry for bring so ignorant but whatever it is it sounds a good place to be!!! And....thanks Jim!
  15. RainbowCookie

    RainbowCookie Full Member

    Its a low carb term...

    You body would rather use carbohydrates for energy than anything else, when you restrict these then this forces your body to use the fat and protein in your diet, and then once this is used up you then move onto using your own stored body fat for energy. The process of burning fat for energy is called ketosis.

    You can get little test strips that you wee on (made for diabetics, but work fine for this purpose too) called ketostix. These test for ketones in your wee which are a by product of ketosis. If they turn pink/purple when you wee on them then you are in ketosis so are burning fat.

  16. NIC68

    NIC68 wants to get super fit!

    Thanks for that! Do you know where I can get them from? Do you need to do it every day?
  17. RainbowCookie

    RainbowCookie Full Member

    You can ask for them over the counter at pharmacies, I have got them from sainsburys and boots before. Or you can get them off ebay, dont pay more than about £4 for a pot of 50 though.
    You can test as often as you want, once you are in ketosis you should stay there unless you eat more carbs than you should, so I tend to only test if I think I may have done this, or every few days to check im still 'pink'.
    I notice that it says on your profile that you are doing low kcal. Ketosis only happens when you are restricting your carbs & eating more protein and fats instead, or when you are following a VLCD (CD, LL, W8 etc).

    If you let me know what kind of diet it is you are following I can tell you whether these would be relevant for you or not. xx
  18. NIC68

    NIC68 wants to get super fit!

    Wow, thanks for all the info! I am on a low cal diet but I've cut out all my starchy carbs (bread, pasta, potatoes etc) I think the only ones I get are from my fruit and veg but maybe this is still too much??
  19. RainbowCookie

    RainbowCookie Full Member

    It seems as if you are trying to mix the two diets, low carb and low kcal. Your body needs to get its energy from somewhere and you might find that you are very hungry/tired doing this.
    Fruits, particually things like bananas have a lot of fruit sugar (fructose) in them, this *may* stop you from getting into ketosis if this is your aim.

    Have you looked at giving atkins a try? As you eat more fats/ protein you are fuller for longer, have more energy and as you have already cut out most carbs, you would probably end up eating more than you do now but still losing just as well. Also as you dont eat hardly any sugar your blood sugar stabilises which means you dont have the highs and lows, hyper and tiredness anymore (I was awful for this)

    Theres lots of info on this site if you want to look into it Atkins - Nutritional Approach

    If you have any questions, ask away, we are a friendly bunch here. xx
  20. NIC68

    NIC68 wants to get super fit!

    Thanks for that Rach! I'm having a vile day today - really feel down on myself (and I know its because I'm pre menstrual but that doesn't help) I feel ravenous all the time, fat..... and have had more to eat tonight than I have in nearly 4 weeks :(
  21. woof

    woof Alway see the love x

    How u feeling today, Nic?

    Woofy X

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