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Strange fluctuations - but still delighted!

I've noticed I am almost always at my lightest at the weekend, but Wednesday is my official WI day. A couple of days ago I saw 184lbs on the scales for the first time, which was so heartening after a couple of very slow weeks :)

Last night when I got changed from work, I stepped on the scales (bearing in mind I hadn't eaten for about 5 hours) and it took me a good few seconds to register what I was seeing. I was at 195lbs - a full 10lbs up!? I thought it was only 1lb, and stared at the numbers as I registered it was 195, not 185 :wave_cry:

Now, I'm not one to be easily disueded , so as tempting as it was to have salad for tea, instead of the BIG plate of chips I'd planned, I stuck to my plan and my calories, and carried on as normal.

This morning. Official WI. 187! My lowest OFFICIAL WI ever! Still 3lbs up on my weekend low, but that's something to work towards. I've a weekend away this weekend, and am striving to be at 184 or less for it - and I'm fairly sure I'll so it!

Aren't our bodies amazing things?

So I'm thinking I might tuck the scales in the cupboard again. Only, last time I did that I felt sooo much slimmer on WI day, and was gutted to find I was only .4lbs down :eek:

Not even sure why I'm rambling. But there ya go :D
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I only weigh myself once a week as I am the same if I weigh more than once and I put on I tend to feel demotivated . So now the scales come out once a week

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I'm down a pound today but I bet come Friday (WI) I'll STS or put on ;)


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Wow that's a huge fluctuation, isn't it? I am being very strict with myself and not weighing again until Monday after next, to avoid just such a blip. I figure in two weeks it's much less likely I will have STS or even gone up one or two pounds.

Congratulations on your lowest weight yet! I am envious!
I always find that the weeks I feel flatter/smaller are the weeks it shows a STS/gain.

Just have to accept bodies and scales work to their own rules and not let it get us down.
I agree (not that I have huge experience - only started this just over 3 weeks ago!). I have been measuring as well as weighing and when I've STS or only lost a small amount, I've lost inches.

Well done on your loss!

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