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Strange weight loss moments aka it's all in our heads!


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There have been a couple of silly/strange moments so far on the journey - I'd be interested to hear yours:)

I was in the shower this morning shaving my legs and was grumpy because my knees were all knobbly and difficult to do - and i suddenly realised that that's because they are not as round and plump as they have been for some time ;)

Also last month i was annoyed because my new pretty t- shirt didn't fit.....it took me an hour to persuade myself it was a GOOD thing it was too big lol:D
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funnily enough, to day i am wearing a top that is newish but is now too big, and i am trying to persuade myself not to be disapointed, 'cos i like it!

do not buy any new clothes, do not buy any......


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I finally had to clear out my wardrobe today. I have skirts and tops in there size 26 - 30 that I wore all the way down to a size 20. Today in town I found almost everything that fitted best was a 14 (cardigans only) or 16, with one or two 18s (if tight over the hips) It means I have barely anything to wear but I can't go on safety pinning my clothes forever.

I think I was waiting to wake up slim before anything changed. I know lots of people rush out and buy new clothes for every stone lost... I lost 6 before I bought -anything- new. A seriously crazy head thing. I'm still very unhappy with my body and still see myself as being much heavier - so I've been wearing old clothes waiting for the day I felt thin. Maybe it's a safety thing, too. I failed at so many diets for so long, I wanted a safety net in case I regained.

Well, I tossed that out today. I'd better improve at tightrope walking!

Sorry, not a hugely amusing thing but occupying my thoughts for the last few days.

I remember going into primark a few years ago and all I could buy to fit me was an umbrella.
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Oh and with regards to knobbly knees - I have to sleep with the duvet between my legs now because my knee bones press into each other when I sleep on my side! The one thing about losing weight, as someone who has been obese from about 14, that has been magical is watching bones appear.

I mean I got these lumps on my wrists, and my collar bones appeared. Then I got two little bumps on my neck. Then the bumps -joined up- with my collar bones. Now there are sinews visible in my neck, which used to be a short pudgy lump but has grown to be really long. It's magical. The bones are the way I remind myself that there IS a difference.
Walking through M&S and seeing a bloke in front of me who looked familiar, it was me, LOL, didn't recognise myself with all that weight gone, took me ages until then to see the real me
I remember going into primark a few years ago and all I could buy to fit me was an umbrella.

made me laugh !!! was it a black one!! xx


Im slowly gaining weight also. Specially this summer where i cant wear my bikini. need to loose weight.:cry::cry:
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haha i've had the tshirt experience. I think it's because we're so used to 'doesn't fit' meaning too small that we get confused when it's too big. I've had clothes hanging up for years that i've worn for about a month and are now too big. I was all depressed after wearing one of them recently and said to my mum 'i'll never be able to wear this again, look at it :(' and she said '...because it's too big!'.

The bones one is great isn't it? I have a collarbone! Who knew?!?!

The most random one i've had was getting in the shower and seeing SEPERATE rolls of fat on my stomach instead of one massive one. Strangely that made my day...DIVIDE AND CONQUER!
LOL! This thread made me laugh! Personally, along with the other things mentioned above, the scary thing for me was finding clothes from when I was 13/14 in the loft and trying them on and they fitted to a T! Hehe

However I don't think me wearing a 10 year old t-shirt with a picture of a cartoon puppy running through flowers is what people expect to see in their local supermarket :D
Funny that i spot this now , my sis in law and i were only discussing this morning how its a ***** that her (very expensive ) dress doesnt fit her any more and she's disgusted - but i was saying how great it is that she has lost so much that she doesnt fit into it any more :)
That my bum hurts if I sit down for too long, I don't have my own personal carry along cushion anymore!
I get that too! Especially in the bath with it's hard base.
I have in my wardrobe a section where I have brought things for 'when Im thinner' ... think I may go and try them all on tonight just in case!



On a mission for boobs!
I have a chin!!!! No really, just the one!!! And a collar bone! I'm super chuffed!

Stomach hasnt shrunk any, but my face is getting smaller! :p


This is for life
Aha - that's what I want - just one chin! Anyone need a spare one? :D
no ................ you keep them ! you can have my tummy !! xx

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