Strategies for evening weakness.


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Ok guys i need your help.

I am back on SS and am doing well - until tea time when I am making the kids tea and nibble.
I need you to help me think of ways to overcome this and get around the temptation of food at tea time.

Part of me says - just get a hold of yourself you've done so well until now - if you nibble you'll waste the whole day. BUT the other half of me just doesnt care and thinks its a new day tomorrow.

AARGH this is driving me mad. Why am i so weak and pathetic at tea time. Why does my will power clock off and go home at 5 oclock!!!

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It's the worst time of the day isn't it? Could you split a pack/bar and save it for this time so have a planned meal? Or maybe have a savoury drink to tide you over until a bit later (I know I like to concentrate on mine once kids are tucked up asleep).

Depending on how you tolerate it you could try sugar-free gum( I know not recommended but it has never taken me out of ketosis or made me want to eat) as the mint stops you smelling the cooking food.:)


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My treat is a glass of coke zero ... again i know it's not recommended but i've been fine on it and it has never started my cravings, just helped with the hunger!! Just helps in that after school slot!!


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I always save a little something to have at that time as Nat suggested but also sometimes I wear my mp3 and dance and sing and try to put myself in a little world of my own so that I am not really concentrating on the food / cooking. Yes I look a little mad but hey, I haven't broken my diet yet !


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FAB suggestions guys!! Thanks!!

Am going to try them out tomorrow.

Keep them coming everyone else. :)


We always used to have coffee and cake or biscuits at 5.00 when we finished work (we both work from home). So now I plan my meals to allow 1/2 bar or a half pack muffin at that time instead. And I've brought dinner forward half an hour so I know there isn't so long to wait before eating (or drinking soup in my case).

Mrs Roch

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Firstly Helen well done on your weightloss and like you say last push to the end now...:)

I'm the same as you, I really struggle from the minute I get in from work. I cope all day at work absolutely fine and the minute I walk through the door I'm thinking food, food, food...:confused:

As mentioned by someone else already, I treat myself to a glass of Coke Zero as well and if it really does get uncontrollable I have a slice of ham. I have also found myself jumping in a bath really early whilst my son is eating or watching TV just to get out the kitchen...

It really is a bad time for me as well so you're not alone and I presume it's just one of the things we have to cope with and something we have to pat ourselves on the back for each night we get through it...:)