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  1. all4youu

    all4youu Member

    So in the DailyMail today there was a new product that claims to reduce stretch marks in both height and width by 50% in just 28 days!!!

    Normally I look at these things and think they're all a scam.... But it is in Boots for just £19, so I'll happy give it a go for that price instead of the £50 plus ranges that claim to be wonder creams!

    Just thought I would post it in case anyone else was looking for something other than bio oil.... I do like bio oil, but being an oil I hate that you have to wait for it to sink in before getting dressed etc! I've ruined a few pairs of pj's by being too impatient and just chucking them in at night! (I'm probably a bit excessive with it admittedly!)

    Anyway, it's called Remescar for anyone that is interested, comes in a cream which is £25 or a stick that is £19! Personally I'm gonna try the stick so it's less messy!

    I'd be interested to hear if anyone else is using it and what their thoughts are! Xx
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  3. Fay737731

    Fay737731 Silver Member

    Going to have a look....I apply Palmers products once or twice a day currently and have no idea if it's doing anything. I'm getting to the point where I want a way to firm up the excess skin rather than reduce stretch you think this might help with that? Worth a try I guess...
  4. all4youu

    all4youu Member

    Hi Faye,

    I don't think it has any firming properties in it (unfortunately!) however, in regards to the stretch marks.... It looks like it's living up to it's promise! I have been using it for four days now and WOW! I can't see a reduction in size yet, but most definitely the colour is fading fast! No longer a deep purple coloured, now a soft pink.... If it can do this after 4 days I'm excited to see what it can do in the 28 days!
    Toning up I think the only way forward is gruelling exercise! Lol! I've heard so many people using palmers.... Honestly when I used it religiously for 2 months I nearly noticed a difference (except super soft skin) but everyone is different.... Maybe it will work for you :) fingers crossed! Xx
  5. Fay737731

    Fay737731 Silver Member

    I have so many stretch marks that are quite wide that I'm hoping that the recovery might be more like a zip effect and pull me in a little bit at the same time :p if not I guess it will maybe give me a better canvas to work with in my future firming endeavours!!

    firming healthy skin must be much more effective than firming damaged skin right...?
  6. all4youu

    all4youu Member

    Absolutely! Anything you can do to help to start you off is a good move! Fingers crossed it does help you! a lot easier to firm skin that isn't damaged as you said, so you're moving in the right direction I would imagine! :) xx
  7. Fay737731

    Fay737731 Silver Member

    So I bought the stick from boots but had to wait for it to get delivered. The first thing: it's tiny! I wonder how long this stick is meant to last, it certainly won't be much longer than a week...but that's basically covering my WHOLE stomach as i have a lot of stretch marks! I might go with the cream if I see any progress this week. Only the second time applying it and I don't even think I did it right the first time (felt like there wasn't any coming off the stick on my tummy). So this time in 7 days....

    Doing it in conjunction with running and a few sit ups a week.
  8. all4youu

    all4youu Member

    I don't know much about the stick as I opted for the cream which again, isn't too big a tube.... But it's really spreadable and you don't need much of it / lathering it on apparently doesn't hold any more benefits than massaging a decent amount in... I thought the stick was better for scars and the cream worked better for stretch Marks!? I could be wrong though, just went by what the person in boots said.... Either way they have the same ingredients so I would think they do the same job! Definitely stick at it, no pun intended! I really have noticed an improvement worthy of the price tag.... And you're doing the exercise so boom! You'll be toning at the same time! Let me know how you get on! Xx
  9. Fay737731

    Fay737731 Silver Member

    The person I spoke to was not as helpful as your person....should have got the cream!!! Day 4 and nothing noticed yet....
  10. all4youu

    all4youu Member

    Oh no! That is a shame.... Maybe the cream is best! I've googled it and all though the cream does seen better for stretch marks.... There isn't a lot on the product where it is new.... I really hope it does work for you!!!! Xx
  11. Cambridgefan

    Cambridgefan Full Member

    Will be interested to see your progress. I've been using bio oil and palmers stretch mark cream and seems to be helping a bit?! Wishful thinking possibly though!! X
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