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Stretch marks - Bane of my life :(

Does anyobdy else suffer with them?

I have never been slim, and have had stretch marks since I was young. I grew really quite fast and got quite fast.

I have them literally everywhere. On my bum, tops of thighs, tummy and my arms.

My arms are the ones that get me really depressed :(
I don't get it. I've lost almost 2st and they're still getting worse.
I've tried bio oil but hated the way it felt and didn't see a big difference.

I suppose I'm lucky in that I have a wonderful boyfriend who is understanding and insists he doesn't care about them.

It's kind of got to the point where I can't wait to get pregnant so I have an excuse. I'mm eighteen and feel like an old woman, way past it.
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You have the rest of your life ahead of you, and you are doing fab with your weight loss, gosh if you feel old, then i definitely do, im 27!! Drinking loads of water can help with stretch marks so i have been told, it also helps control cellulite apparently? i guess time will tell! Cos im drinking about 2 litres a day ha ha! xx
I had a few stretch marks when pregnant, they do fade but not quickly.

If I remember correctly I used some cream from body shop, we are going back a few years though:cool:

I'd try a different cream but honestly don't worry too much about them, most people at some stage in there life have had stretch marks. I bet they're really not that bad & other people, & BF don't notice them.


Alomst there :)

I am cvered in stretch marks, mine are from pregnancy though. I have them all over my tummy (obviously), my bum, my boobs and my thighs - all the way down past my knees.

They will fade, honestly, and people wwon't notice them unless they're looking, and TBH it's not one of the first things people look for. i found Bio oil horrible, I hated everything about it! Sunshine is good to help them fade.

And y'know, now that someone has mentioned it, mine have looked loads better since I've made sure I drinnk 2l of water a day without fail.

I know it can feel like it, but they're really not the end of the world.

Also fake tan is supposedly good for covering them too. Not something I have experience of, but hoping to find out soon!

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