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Strictly on SW but GAINING weight!!!! How??

I can't fathom it - I've done SW before and it's worked, no probs - this time, starting last Fri (2nd), the poundage on the scales read 6lb and I never want to go over the half stone mark, so I was ok with this as a starting point - so, since 2nd, I have BEEN STRICTLY on SW ever since - but when I weighed myself y'day morning, it was 7lb and today 8lb! I am well up with SW and am totally aware of what we can have -I am also very intune with the HE(a) and (b)'s - I've had NO syns since 2nd and some days I have even forgot the HE's (as we do) - and I know this will NOT make me 'put on' weight - anyway, the main thing is that by now, this being my 5th day, I'd usually feel the benefit and be well on my way, but I just can't make out why the needle on the scales move to the east instead of the west! Oh, and I also burn up 700/1000 cals EVERY day on the treadmill ..... my tummy looks big too so am I holding water or something? I pee alot, which is a sure sign that I am 'dieting,' which makes me feel good because u then know you're doing it right. If this were the 1st time I'd done SW, I'd knock it on the head and assume it wasn't for me, but it isn't the 1st time, so I am very disheartened - and puzzled - and don't ask me to take a preggers test, I'm 46 and on the pill (lol) - and we women know 'that' feeling anyway ..... any ideas anybody, as I really don't know whether to carry on with it (wld be gutted to have to opt for a poxy counting cals diet) - you may ask for an example of the grub I eat so here it is:-

Muller yogs (2 or 3 a day) or 'feel fuller 4 longer' ones
Quorn bangers (a pack of 6 lasted 2 days) and slices of Quorn 'family roast'
Salad with red cabbage, pickled onions and gherkins
plain pasta (nothing on, no oil, just boiled in water in microwave)
Baked beans, jacket spuds
Loads and loads of fruit (not dried, all fresh)

Cut out since 2nd Jan:
Alcohol, butter, sauces, dressings, cakes, choc - have had NOT ONE blip etc etc etc
I'm listing what I eat even tho I am totally doing it right, but I dunno, just thought I'd show you as I am totally perplexed .... went to the gym this a.m and really wasn't motivated so just ran 700 calories, came home and tucked into a pile of homemade fruit salad, a few sprouts with Worcester sauce and pepper and have just had some of a jacket spud with baked beans and didn't finish it as tummy feels bloated yet this is all I've had, and bearing in mind I've ran 700 cals earlier ... is my tum reacting against something??????????? (phew) ......
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I reckon you're not eating enough, and with all the exercise your body is holding onto water in your muscles, so don't get disheartened, I put weight on for at least 2 weeks when I start a strict gym regime, it all pans out eventually, and my measurements go down even if my weight doesn't. I know that won't really help the way you feel but I've heard it so many times at class. Keep going Hun, it will work. But that exercise leel should only be done 3 or 4 days a week, your muscles need rest to repair themselves.
Ah - HA!!!! I did wonder if it was something to do with water as it's all about the tummy area with me right now, and I wanna pee all the time - I know I'm not shovelling grub down my throat (altho we can eat any amount of free food we want), so I did wonder if I was holding on to water - makes sense and thank you soooo much for saying that you've heard of this problem so many times before - weid tho aint it?? It does make you dispondant tho, especially with he exercise I do and Iknow you said not to do it more than 3 or 4 times a week, but it's part of my day, it makes me feel good afterwards (altho yeh, I'm not always keen to go), and I am sure it can't do me any long term harm xxxxx


I ate my willpower!
You are so not eating enough. You need to use at least 5 of your syns. And with all the exercise your doing I think your body is in shock and withholding all its weight!

Also, step away from the scales and only weigh on a weekly basis. Daily or every other day weighing is a really bad idea, cos it makes us feel crappy! Weight can fluctuate so much. I always look at my weightloss over a 4 week period and then take the average. Some weeks I may lose 4lbs and others only 1/2lb. But when added up, it usually averages out at about 2lbs a week which is excellent.
Reply to why I'm gaining weight on SW

Thanks - it's starting to make sense - odd tho, as they do suggest you exercise to fasten up weight loss but what you galz have said makes a lotta sense - not eating enough and holding on to fat reserves - a glass of red for me tonite methinks!!!!! (or two..???) 6 syns each for a glass of red is it? Dn't 'spose eating a lotta fruit wld make my tum bloated wld it, wldn't think so ..... not huge daft amounts but a fare bit of fruit .....


I ate my willpower!
Lots of fruit can make you bloated. It ferments in the stomach so a lot of it can do some real damage! Dr's recommend that you eat fruit on its own, inbetween meals, so it can digest properly.


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Hey Smig welcome back!

Yes fruit should never be eaten after other stuff and especially never after meat! Also you need to have a least 5 Syns per day. If I cut out the Syns completey as I tried a few times before I did put weight on. I've said it loads on here but I will say it again: Thay are not Sins they are Syns. Sins are bad things that should be avoided, Syns are the synergy of the plan, they are part of what makes it work. So add some in and enjoy them x
Hey Taz ood to talk to you again - yeah, this time SW is really bugging me as I feel heavier and the scales dictate that too - someone earlier said that when she went to the gym, she took 2 weeks to lose weight so therefore am I better off NOT going (which is daft)??? As for the fruit, I hear you and shall lay off it a bit as i did wonder if it was the reason I am bloated - my tummy sticks out and never has done b4 on SW so this time around I'm not happy - also, do pickles make you bloated (pickled onions and pickled cabbage)??? All seems topsy turvy this time and gets me a tad worried ......


I ate my willpower!
It may be worth settling in to the diet before doing loads of exercise. The combination of the diet and exercise may be shocking your body which is why you are gaining. And the gain is probably just water rather than fat.

Its all about maths. If you are eating less calories than your body is expending, you will lose weight. But, if you are not eating no where near enough calories than your body is expending, or doing loads of exercise so your body is burning loads of extra calories, your body will think it is being starved, and therefore, will hold onto fat.

Athletes and body builders are known to eat lots of food, because they burn lots of calories and they are not overweight. iykwim?


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I think it is always harder to re-start a diet you have done before but don't look at it as a diet, it is a lifestyle. Make some positive changes, sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference!
yeah, the reality of eat less/lose weight is fine but it's getting the balance - seems that if I do SW and don't exercise, I'll lose it without the bloating caused by my maybe not eating enough - but I've been treadmilling for some time now and have no intention of stopping as - well, we all know the benefits - but as you said, maybe my body thinks it's starved because of the treadmilling calorie burning - how do we know? I'm DEFO not going without my grub - Maybe it's all trial and error - now I'm knocking pickles on the head as they give out lots of salt which may cause this bloated feeling (and poss water retention) and also cutting back on fruit - shall see how it goes - hard to think 2mrrw is my 6th day on SW where I'd usually be elated with my accomplishments but not this time - I just hope it IS just water, as I can't see how it can possible be added fat as I've been soooo good !!!!!


I ate my willpower!
Could well be the pickles. Salt is a nightmare for water retention. I think you should carry on with your exercise, but just increase your food a bit more and hopefully it will balance out. Its just trial and error.


Over half way to target
For what its worth, I know the Muller lights are free, but more than 1 a day? They're about 100 cals each aren't they? Someone on here mentioned before that they don't get good losses if they have too many Mullers - can't rememebr who it was. If the pickles and fruit changes don't work, maybe look at the yogs?
Good luck.


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Ages ago we were told the difference between free food and Syn free food. The free food is the raw ingredients like pasta, potatoes, meat, fruit and veg. The Syn free food is stuff that is pre-packaged like pasta n sauces, yogurts, and stuff like that. You get better losses on the free foods as opposed to the Syn free food. I hope that makes sense
Think it may have already been said, but it's a good idea to measure yourself perhaps monthly. Even if you're not losing the weight, you may be losing the inches.
About a year ago i was getting frustrated with the scales as they didn't budge, but my clothes were getting loser


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Yeah and Gemstone on another thread was saying that although she gained weight over christmas and new year she has gone down a size in clothes
Hey Smig welcome back!

Yes fruit should never be eaten after other stuff and especially never after meat! Also you need to have a least 5 Syns per day. If I cut out the Syns completey as I tried a few times before I did put weight on. I've said it loads on here but I will say it again: Thay are not Sins they are Syns. Sins are bad things that should be avoided, Syns are the synergy of the plan, they are part of what makes it work. So add some in and enjoy them x
Is that right? Sorry to go back a week, but was looking for a thread on syns and came across this. Was wondering if not eating them could actually hamper weight loss, cos mine doesn't seem to be shifting, even though I've hardly been having syns.

So we're saying you should definitely have 5, or 10??? Can hear the chocolate calling....

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