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:cool:Hi Minis',
I started my weightloss journey appr. 2 weeks ago. At first my goal was just to lose weight, I but have since revised my goal. More than weight loss, my goal is to feel stronger and eat healthier. what good is losing the weight if your core muscles are weak? I lost 2lbs in the first week and none in the 2nd, but my body feels great. I am going to chart my journey to the new me, I truly welcome help from you on this journey, i promise i will stay the course.
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Hiya and welcome :D
I started this weight loss journey on CD ..had to stop due to health problems on it. Glad I did really because learning how to eat well and exercise properly has turned my life around in such a short time!
I FEEL so much better, stronger,energetic,never hungry,confident and STILL losing weight :D (at a better rate than when I was on CD too)
Welcome to this wonderful world....stop dieting and start living is what I say :D xxxx
Thank you prinzessin. Do you agree that the excercise also improves mental alertness? My brain function seemed to be affected by the lack of movement, I feel so much better mentally, because of the small changes i've made
Totally! I was having a lot of memory problems and depression before, now in a matter of weeks I feel changed :) xxx
I was having the same problem, prinzessin,the memory loss was even worse during my last pregnancy and got progressively worse after delivery and now i truly am seeing an improvement . Danzlilsista, I'm not sure if the body craves more nutrient dense foods as a result of the excercise, but i find that my cravings have changed and i reach for healthier foods:)
tomorrow is my weekly weigh in and although i have stuck to the exercise and watching my calories, i feel very bloated, because of my period. inspite of this stumbling block, i'm still going to win this battle:) over and out :)


Carpe diem, baby!
my goal is to feel stronger and eat healthier. what good is losing the weight if your core muscles are weak?
Amen to that! Good luck and keep it up! I am stronger, fitter, faster and leaner than I was when I began in April...and my strength is still improving (I do weight training)...I can now do full body pull ups (or chin ups) without assistance...well, six at a time with rests between...whoop!

Being stringer helps in so many ways...
i feel you. i could never do a full pushup, now i'm doing several sets daily.i lost 1lb this week and i feel great:)
This week my plan is to do my strength training first, then do my cardio. Normally its the other way around, just thought i'd switch it up, wish me luck:wave_cry:


Carpe diem, baby!
If I do both on the same day I always try to do weights first then cardio otherwise I am knackered out man...the other way round...

It should work a treat, but good luck anyways...

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