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Hi Klpy, The 1st week of this diet is awful! But please believe me that once you get into ketosis it gets a whole load better! Get everything out of the house that your tempted with, you got a partner to help you in moments of weekness?

Write a list of reason why you are doing this in the 1st place, maybe find a picture of you at your heaviest and lightest and look at them when feeling low. Find lots of things to do to take your mind off of the hunger, and drink loads:)
Maybe if you really can't do it after another attempt, g onto working solutions instead, you can always swop back to TS once your more in the habbit of not eating much. Good luck x
Thank you! I do have a partner at the moment and he is being really supportive.. Going to print a photo out right now and stick that to the fridge... Also going to take all the loose change out of my purse so I can't be tempted by the numerous vending machines around!
Is it a week to get into ketosis? I was pinning my hopes on it would get easier after 3 days..If only we could sleep for the entire first week! Xxx
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My low point was day 6, I could have eaten the leg of the table but that may well have been as it was a Friday which I've always looked at as start of the weekend and time for treats. OH and I went bowling instead and I got through it.

If you can, maybe try to focus on it just being that one week that will be difficult for you and try to fill your time as much as you can, break habits, do something new perhaps. I think keeping occupied is half the battle.

Good luck, hope you manage to overcome week one.


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Maybe use a 4th pack too for the first week, that might help, although the loss in the first week may not be as big as if you were on 3 packs, it's still a loss and would be easier to drop to 3 packs in the second week.

Good Luck and Stay Strong!!
Thanks guys, I'm desperate to stay strong. I'm going to find something to do in the evenings as that's the time that is worse for me.. Thank you for all your help, I will keep you all posted! Will also try going up to 4 shakes a day too x


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hi im on day two first time ever on the diet so i am reading all the posts and getting things ready for the moments of desperation.... I have a friend who has done this diet and is now on the 2 shakes and a meal ready for her holidays to mexico...she is my inspiration in just 17 weeks she has lost an incredible 4 and half stone, taking her down from a size 20/22 to a size 12/14 she looks absolutely amazing. she said her first week was the worse, and she managed to get through it by imagining herself slim on the holiday, she said she took loads of showers to take her mind off and went for quick walks with no money or anything so not to be tempted to nip to a shop. She found it easier as there is just her, she has no kids etc, im cooking a sunday dinner today which will be a challenge but im prepared.


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S: 20st3.2lb C: 18st10.2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 39.9 Loss: 1st7lb(7.42%)
I have my in-laws coming round for a roast today :cry:


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I agree the first week is tough - but it does get easier. If it didn't I don't think anyone would or could do it.
I took a week off work to start, it was not planned that way but it worked out fine.
Lots of warm baths, early nights and a good book (TV food ads were too much for me) - before you know it you are through the pain and out the other side.
Hang on in, it works


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