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Don't panic - I put on 5lbs over one week of an all female family reunion (too many different food issues around the table to cope).

I treated it as I would a slip up in cruise - 3 days pp, 4 days pv, then back to conso rules.

It all went away again, and my weight has restabilised.

More and more I think consolidators need as much support as cruiser - if not more given the added temptations.

It's part of our unhelpfully goal centred view point - we hit our "goal weight", and feel we've succeeded (and are regarded as such), but the real diet, the one we have to follow for the rest of our lives, is only just beginning, and we can't do that alone.


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Very good advice from Atropos. And I think you may well be right with the goal centred views. I have felt lost since finishing cruise.
Thanks for advice!! I am pv today then pp tomorrow. Just need to get back in zone now hope I can!!

Biscuits and cake seem so tempting.

Off I go one meal at a time. Thanks lovelys xxxx


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Why not join the new Conso group? Group motivation would I'm sure help you no end Louise. :D


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What's the new Conso group Joanne?? I'm only planning on going back to Cruise for 4-6 weeks, so would be interested in what's waiting for me on the other side :). I have to say I didn't come on here nearly as much on Conso as the board is really Attack/Cruise focused. Would love a support group to get me through full Conso.

And Louise - I remember you from my time on here and remembering you being very positive! I hope you do get back in the zone and back on track... best of luck to you!!!
Louise hang in there its hard but once you get in the routine of conso it will be easier. I too missed going from cruise but I just planned ahead. I would too like to find out how to join the conso group any help on that please.

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Back on the Dukan wagon!


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Come over to the conso thread and lets liven it up :)


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I'll come and peek but will only dip my big toe in - to test the water :D


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Can't wait to join you all on conso. According to Dr D's calculations it should only be another 6 weeks. Can't see it myself though. 12.6 lb to go.


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Whether you make it in the time frame or not, you'll have lost weight! Of course the calculator can't gauge what you're going to eat, how much exercise you're going to take, or just how your body will react to the diet. But one thing is sure - you'll be slimmer on that date!

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